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May 17, 2007


Sahar Sarid

That is really a smart idea they are missing, buying traffic for specific auctions. Never thought of it but now that you mention it, it's definitely gonna fit some of our projects.

Adam Strong

"I would rather flush my traffic into the ether than send it to an affiliate program like Ebay's"

This sounds vaguely familiar. Is this a guest post ? :)

***FS*** Ha ha .. I know what you mean.


I am surprised by this because Ebay used to actually encourage arbitrage on their site and provided instructions on how to buy traffic using your affiliate links.

Also Ebay owns shopping.com which has a PPC advertising feed, although it is not for auctions.


That is for sure eBay should be encouraging arbitrage

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David Wrixon (aka Rubber Duck)

Big companies instinctive don't like little companies or individuals having a slice of the action, they would sooner let their inefficient big company competitors have the business. Sounds crazy, but it is generally true.


In general I agree that this is usually a viable chanel. It might be though that eBay have crunched the #'s and figured out that they can do this on a more cost effective basis than the affiliates. They do spend a boatload and know their numbers pretty well..
Or they could just be blowing it.

I do like the irony though of a company that is currently advertising on the term Placenta ("Placenta for less, Looking for Placenta? Buy direct from sellers and save") trying to restrict the marketplace.


Frank, I believe those arbitragers were making some good money with ebay. When you reach a certain level, the payout is something like $40 per new signup. The top guys make over 100K/month so from what I understand some people's hair was indeed being blowed back!

Curious, how many domains did it take to push 50K visitors to amazon per DAY? I wish you would give us some more insight on some of the ways you monetize your domains. You can make such a small change that effects your bottom line in a big way eh?

***FS*** 1700 names Salman.. thanks for the addtl. info


How I hate those Ebay ads..."Looking for Aids ? Try Ebay"

Lea de Groot

Theres a service called Auctionads (URL is obvious) that is offering a % on auction wins, rather than signups.
This makes sense because, yes, surely everyone has an ebay signon by now? ;)
so, CPA rather than CPC

***FS*** Coool .. thanks for sharing.


I was surprise to see eBay shut out affiliates from any PPC. Although, I believe affiliates can still bid on keywords but just can directly link to eBay.

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