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May 19, 2007


Steve M.


Overpaying for a company because someone else (Google) beat you out in overpaying for some other company is an unwise move.

With their resources, MS could have reverse engineered the tech they picked up with this purchase w/in a year...for no more than 1 billion or so...

...and they already have the advertiser relationships they could have leveraged.

***FS*** I guess they had a full pipeline.. or didn't have the confidence they could do it in-house (faster better cheaper)


Similar comments, it's amazing how a company involved in tech for so long has fallen so far behind two much younger companies (YHOO and GOOG). Also surprising they couldn't build their own aQuantive with $6 Billion and had to buy. You really have to wonder who is at the wheel at Microsoft.

***FS*** Picture 'magic 8 ball' sitting in Steve's office chair.

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