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May 19, 2007



I wonder where this will take Adsense-based parking pages?


Very interesting.

Looking at the article a bit more it seems like this is more than just about arbitrage. Those running "Made for adsense" style sites without arbitrage also seems to be getting notices. I would think this would include alot of domainer/seo type people.

***FS*** Probably so Snoop. Will see.. I think the biggest keyword-to-keyword arbitrageurs will escape unscathed because the revenue (ad spend) is that important to Google.

William B


Do you think Yahoo will follow suit?

William B

***FS*** Nope.. these are only for the little simple plays that use front door google adsense signups.. yahoo doesn't have such a product that I've seen.


I don't think a medium quality domain will be anything to go to town with if you are banned from Google.

Better to spend your money working on your website.

Or do both.

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