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May 10, 2007



Searches done in March 2007
Count Search Term
131 patents.com

***FS*** Value-line transcends the ov rank on a name like this.

Steve M.

That's a great domain; little question it went for 1+ million.

...and to think that many folks thought I was crazy when I posted to the excellent patent blog PatentlyO that the .com by itself (.net was also being offered) would go for 200k+...

Jeff M

what do you think a good ovt w/ extension is Frank?

Seems kind of low for a name like patents.com but theres big $$ involved too.

***FS*** Depends on the rank apart (two words) w.out ext. If you have a 22 character four word search-term that gets 58000 apart with 32 together, that's a lot better than a linkpop name that you don't know where to break apart that gets the same 32 together. Patents.com is just huge.. that can ultimately be sold as a generic standalone 'brand' .. that's my take anyway... Hope it helps.

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