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May 14, 2007


Sahar Sarid

I was told few months ago at TRAFFIC Vegas rev. on the domain was around 150K. If so it looks like 5x.
Makes sense? Does it mean this is a new benchmark multiple for high end porn names?

***FS*** I have seen adult names go at 12-20x .. Wonder if those were real... the numbers i mean. ;)


Sahar is correct the domain name sold for around 5x or less buyer's multiple. 5x is not a new benchmark its been around there for the last several years when it comes to adult domains.

***FS*** Thanks!~

Sharon Tucci

Hi Frank - enjoy your blog!

If I were a male posting this, I'd say that it wouldn't do justice to the domain to actually develop it. Instead give visitors a smorsgasboard of sites to choose from since you can't know in advance what kind of porn they are interested in.

Seriously, as you pointed out - visitors to this domain are more likely to open their wallets. With PPC rates for porn being what they are, wouldn't it make more sense to go the CPA/affiliate route?

***FS*** It sure be interesting to try experimenting with the name and running some implementation comparisons. On an effective basis, during the depths of the adult CPA depression a year or two ago we were making more on adult CPC traffic. This name could be so much more than either CPA/CPC. Thanks!

Tim Davids

I was yelling at my alptop during the last auction, saying...I cant believe it wasn't bought for 7.5 mil...a steal imo

***FS*** Thats the problem.. at 5 mill people say its too cheap.. I have noticed names getting more action when the price is higher. When in doubt, raise the price!

Christopher Ambler

Hmmm.... I think I've worked with that model before :-)

David Wrixon (aka Rubber Duck)

Intelligent Internet Investing?

They could have taken this at TRAFFICS for $7.5 Million!!!

patrick kerr

frank, check out this blurb on domain prices etc


***FS*** Porn sold for 5X revenues.. Warren Buffet would have bought this.. it's a value stock.. not inflation.. Tahnsk for the link tho :)



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