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September 21, 2007



I think they're holding back until the real owner is revealed, and then they'll pull out the big guns for the plural :)

They might have a chip on their shoulder because they don't own polaris.com



Tell me its not so...

Another high profile...TM and domain article...with the promise of weeks and months of nasty litigation etc..

Do I 'smell' millions and millions of dollars to the person that solves 70%-80% of this whole puzzle?...almost overnight.

BTW: about a week or so ago...was not MS back on the TM domain litigation...I am going to crush everyone highway?




You might be interested to know (if you didn't already) that insurance.com is a registered trademark (it's on their front page :-) )

I wonder if this means that anyone trying for typos of this generic word is now history? Ditto, should they get around to trademarking it, the owners of digitalcameras.com or any other generic .com word.

Amateur Domainer

Richard, you've got a good eye for noticing the "TM" (or is it an "SM" ... it's so small) on the insurance.com page. "TM" or "SM" doesn't mean that a mark is necessarily registered. Note that they did not put the circle R symbol, which would have indicated a true, registered mark. Interestingly, someone actually had insurance.com officially registered a while ago (can't see HOW that made it through the system since it is so generic), but the Trademark Office now shows that mark as being abandoned.

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