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October 17, 2007



"Quick.. what's a short word or phrase for newly out of school"



Saleem Qureshi

I think you are one of the smartest men in this industry. I can see how you are connecting the dots with respect to evolution of social networking within this space.
I was one of the early participants in online social networking during the days of mirc and icq. Then in the mid '90s came AOL who enhanced that concept, meanwhile Yahoo! Geocities was aggressively building out their products to build a community in cyber space. There were other lack luster performers that came and went. Recently Friendster, then MySpace came in and became the 800 pound gorrilla, but soon started losing its marketshare to Facebook.

Tomorrow there will another player in the industry that will give Facebook a run for its money.

As the market matures, conceptualist.com would need enough of a hook to
1. Draw in the traffic
2. Create a sticky factor through products and services.

Having run a research firm, that quantifies human behavior, I would suggest that to be the next leader, conceptualist.com might want to really study and quantify the behavior of this new consumer, especially when it come to mobile technology.

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