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October 18, 2007



Daniel Snyder, owner of the Cowboys-archrival Washington Redskins, should pick up the name for $275M and redirect traffic to his redskins.com site.

A brilliant way to piss of Cowboy fans for cheap.

***FS*** I'm a rare beast who respects both the cowboys 'and' the redskins so that would be whatchacall 'schadenfreude' :)

PS. TRAFFIC MVPs: Diamod and Teeg...

***FS*** 'break-out sessions'.. as they were meant to be :)


No, they got the numbers right.

What T.O. doesnt know is that contract he signed is not for 10 million...

It's a $10,000 a year contract. And when he finds out, the Boys will shrug their shoulders and say, "What? We blew our wad on the domain name."

***FS*** :)

T. Price

That is hilarious, but sad!

Obviously, the Dallas Cowboy organization just doesn't "get it". I've always wondered why companies don't mind paying their executives hundreds of millions of dollars in salary, and even hundreds of millions of dollars in severance pay when they mismanage the company, but balk a paying a few thousand dollars for a domain name that could end up as valuable as the entire organization itself.

Wake up guys, and join the interet age, albeit already a few years too late. It's companies and organizations like this that domain owners need to beware of filing UDRP cases and reverse hijacking.

In my opinion, $275,000 is a small amount for a great generic domain name like cowboys.com.

***FS*** Best comment on this so far.. you should have written my post it's so good.


I don't buy it.

How could someone not know they were bidding $275,000 vs $275? At some point during the registration process nobody mentioned the reserve? Nobody mentioned what it might go for? And during the phone call the word "thousands" was never mentioned?

The only explanation I can see is that someone in the cowboys organization said "can we bid 300,000 for the name" and someone misunderstood them and said ok.



Anyway I look at it....For the Dallas cowboys NOT to have owned this domain for at least the last 8 years...has been very short sighted on their part.

And now, NOT to buy it for $275,000 even if they were to keep dallascowboys.com as their main website and just redirect the cowboys.com traffic to that domain...would be more than worth it for the $275,000.

Cost over 10 years= $27,500 a year
Cost over 20 years= $13,750 a year

Peanuts when put up against the marketing/branding/natural traffic value

But, I think the smart thing would to be buy cowboys.com...put the website currently at dallascowboys.com on cowboys.com and then just 're-direct the traffic from dallascowboys.com to cowboys.com.

Cowboys.com is just a better domain to market...on a lot of levels.

Its a 'no brainer'for them to own this domain and has been a 'no brainer' for at least the last 10 years.

The domain game can be pretty complicated at times...this is not one of those times.


***FS*** Well said Danno


The seller should consider themself lucky. I thought $275K was way to cheap a sales price for that domain name. Now they have a second chance to get a fair price...at least several times what they almost let it go for.



I have an idea.

The owner of Cowboys.com should sell the domain to one of the Cowboys' primary rivals.

Imagine going to Cowboys.com and seeing GreenBay Packer highlights of Brett Favre videos showing him shred the Cowboys.

or go to Cowboys.com and watch the glory days of the Redskins.

Selling Cowboys.com to a rival would attract national attention, be good fun, and forever bring humiliation upon the Cowboys :-)


***FS*** Its a great protest site name.. although would bring tears to my eyes at the same time.. torn both ways on this one.. like the team.. think its a bonehead move not taking the name so cheap 225k is noodle money to these guys.. and to half the investors in this biz



My battle over at DNN:


Adam Just Posted:


Adam Strong Said,

October 18, 2007 @ 6:42 pm

"This debate will be put to rest in about an hour. The domain has multiple bidders on the silent auction who obviously see the value since it’s well above $275k now."



The price seemed very high to me, the current bidding is even more unusual given it was sold at the live auction for far less. Egos at play is my guess, I'd give the "we don't get it" award to the guy who ends up buying it for more than 50% over the live auction price.

"The fact that they would even think that a name like that could sell for $275 is laughable.. apparently they don't have inflation in Dallas."

Now this lawyer is probably "below average" knowledge wise compared to his peers though still this is how a big % of the general public thinks I would say. The industry message really isn't out there.

***FS*** Then we really are early Snoop.. perhaps another 3 years or so in the 5 year nap.

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