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October 15, 2007


David Wrixon

Yup, and that is just the US, a tiny portion of the whole picture.


I had some thoughts in the shower this morning which are related to the following post. I was thinking how paid search is undervalued in many categories. I am a small time domainer who focuses on SEO/SEM. I have the ability to charge some of my clients a huge SEM management fee versus their total spend. This comes to show how conversion rates are ripe, otherwise indicating that CPC is low. Yes, volume of traffic is important for this industry to grow, but CPC is still heavily undervalued in many categories. Frank I will let you take it from here. I understand the value of type-in traffic; however this is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about sponsored search results on the major networks, but we all know type-in traffic is cleaner and better. :)


Indeed. And I'd say that this BusinessWeek article dovetails nicely to the argument...

What in the Web Are They Thinking?

Let the good times roll. But be smart about it.

owen frager

That BusinessWeek link is interesting. Says Arrington's blog is worth $100mm based on $200K a year revenue.

And here you are blogging about spending $260K on a domain.

If you sold a $200K domain from this blog, then I guess it would make your blog worth more than most of your domains.

***FS*** Wow.. thanks Owen

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