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October 05, 2007



Unfortunately, Google Adsense for Web Publishers has gone down over the past two years. More clicks, less revenue.


Hi rhart,

Google is not anyones friend...certanly not their publishers.

Check the story two down from this post entitled: Is Google Broken?


This is going to be a continuing tread for years and years to come...for 'online advertising'


It should be everyone's job thats involved in the domain industry, to show these people that there is a better way... generic keyword .com domains.

If used properly...they offer the advertiser a lot more bang for their advertising buck, then a lot of the ways advertising is done on the internet...(Contextual ads...to name one)



Interesting. According to http://www.iab.net/resources/adrevenue/pdf/IAB_PwC%202007Q2.pdf the US online advertising market went up 27% in the first half (the same period the UK advertising market went up 41.3%).

With the weak dollar/strong pound, the UK ad market was worth US$2.65 billion in the first half, or approximately 27% of the US market. And that's for a market that's just 1/5th of the US population. In other words, the online ad spend per capita is significantly higher in the UK than in the US ($33.20 per person in the USA, vs $43.60 in the UK, using estimates for both populations from July 2007)

No wonder the .co.uk market is strengthening so strongly!

David Wrixon


Much of the difference can probably be attributed to the fact that we are often ripped off for twice as much for products from the US, and that includes software downloads.

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