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February 20, 2007



Okay.. so I got a bit carried away seeing as only 30 people voted. Picturing mole from DNForum skewing the results with lots of .info and .biz votes


I wonder what percentage of the other TLDs are purely defensive registrations.


That's a really good question. Having spent the last half decade looking through lists of millions of names, my honest opinion is 'not that many' (3%).. That number is going to grow of course as more corporations start to take defensive registrations. Is that right? no. Should the companies get those defensive reg's for free? The companies will say yes, the registries no.


Hey Frank, how 'bout being a dictator already, three days into yor blog existence, and allowing only comments you want to read? Good job in being a gentlemanly hypocrat you always were. At least you corrected your spelling mistake, never mind everything else.


Dear Mister Ape.

A wise man once taught me that the Internet is full of trolls (aparently full of monkey's too) Use your real name and real email and I will post your comments. I have a hunch your comments will be alot different if the world can see who you are.

This is my house. I don't come to your house and start throwing stuff around or wipe my bum with your wife's grandmas silk napkins.

So don't do that in mine.


At least I was graced with an answer and some humorless emotion out of you, however incomparable that was to my deleted comment.

I'm everything but the troll. It just that I do see and try to address some things that others pretend not to see. You know, wanting to have it "both ways" (being a virgin bride and a cheap whore at the same time) sticks like a sore thumb and insults the intelligence of some. And I don't see how will my real name and email change my comments, when that in itself still won't change some of the facts I'm talking about. Anyway, I apologize if I came a little too strong for your taste. As a matter of fact I have a big respect for what you did for yourself and what you do for others, and for that reason I promise that I will more than behave myself, especially since it is not my intention to raise your blood pressure, or poop on your party. I understand this indeed is your house and your chance to shine.

So shine.


I am what you see APE .. trying to do things the right way and help others who want/need a hand. Not trying to showboat and I do not have an agenda. At the risk of sounding trite (sappy or cornball): Let's all shine on.

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