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February 21, 2007



I don't notice RSS capability on your blog. Is there any reason why you don't have it? I would appreciate it if you instituted it. Thanks.

***FS*** A redesign/rework of my blog is coming.


Could you comment on my blog post about the domain name bubble?!



***FS*** I am probably one of the most cautious investors you've ever met and have spoken extensively about bubbles in the price of domains.. Beer.com at 7mm is not a bubble.. Hotbeertoday.com for $2000 "is" a bubble.. Use the search on my blog to review what I've written about domains and bubbles.


Ok, that's why there is a question mark and open ending in the text... it only introduces some facts (near the end) about the domain market and it's resemblence with other bubbles... but you say: no bubble, only many bad buys.


Hello Frank,

Just wanted to update you that a domainer has setup a website at www.fireinca.com to keep the masses informed about the status along with other important information on people can help. Also, worth noting is that it is unfortunate that many people and some known domainers have registered fire related domains and are either profiting off the traffic or have posted them for sale.

Hopefully this will spread the word and encourage those other domainers to do something positve and useful with their domains.



(AP)Insider Domain Name Snatching Probed






Good post.

This is what myself and another guy at dnfourm did with regards to the VT shooting tragedy.


Heres a part of one of my post: ( I am 'companyone' at both dnforum & namepro)

""Always two sides to a story.

A few of us "domainers" registered some VT domains to help "prevent" people from trying to "profit" from the tragedy. I for one registered about 15 domains related to this. Example: http://vtfund.org/

I contacted the VT webmaster and offered to give the domains to them...they said they did not want the domains...so I decided just to "redirect" the domains to their official fund located at: http://www.vt.edu/tragedy/memorial_fund.php

Other "domainers" did the same thing. Another "domainer" registered over 50 domains...costing him over $500 and has also "redirected" the domains to the official VT fund website.

Heres a link to a domain forum thread...where we convenicd a guy who had registered a VT related domain to make a profit and was getting thousands of visitors a day and could have made thousands a month from this domain...but he relented and the domain has been pointed to the official VT fund website.


People do...do the "right thing"...but it seems like everyone just wants to report about the things people do wrong.""


TM/Typo Cybersquatting for... 'good not evil'




Hi Frank,

Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge with the world.

What is the truth about length of time required between when a person can buy a .com domain on the aftermarket (or new registration) and then resell it? I seem to be finding different answers - is it 60 days, is it one day, or does it depend on the registrar??


***FS*** The registry imposes a 60 day no transfer window after name creation.. You can still sell the name and change whois during first 60 days.. you just can't move the name to a 3rd party registrar.


Frank, I wonder if I can ask your readers a question.

I want to sell my first domain name as a learning experience. It's not worth much, maybe $100 - $200, but I'd expect it to grow in value over the next few years. More importantly, it's a dry run. I'm pretty good at analysing the quality of organisations after a little research but I'm struggling.

I don't know where to sell.

The forums are really, seriously full of crap. Real crap, no-hoper crap, and it's a spiv market, where anything of value is going to get drowned out in shouting and Capital letters, or undervalued.

I've found various auction places, and without giving their names, here are my notes:

10 percent, very slow, takes months to transfer
No evidence ever sell anything, overpriced
20 percent, overpriced wideboys, no evidence ever sell anything
Have to transfer, great for buyer, not so good for seller
Snotty, not very good for sellers, good for buyers
Transfer to them first, 10 percent plus fixed fee
Cunning pricing
Expensive domain names

Moniker is good - excellent - at most things, but their marketplace is (almost) a million names to troll through, beginning with stuff like I-love-to-drink.org (made that up)

So, if any readers have any experience of this, what I'm looking for is an auction or marketplace that's not just for the $10,000 domains, an auction or marketplace where all the serious crap is weeded out, where there's plenty of eyeballs from those who have the eyes to see, not just amateurs shouting at amateurs. And I don't want to have to transfer my domain name to some punk auction house, because then I'm tied to them.

I know Fabuous have set up a System, which I believe registrars like Moniker are in, but all I can find is regular but occasional high value auction listings, or Moniker's marketplace (which is a sea of crap if the first pages are anything to go by).

I really am struggling with this one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



ICANN investigates snatching of domain names


The Internet's key oversight agency is investigating suspicions that insider information is being used to snatch desired domain names before an individual or business can register them.

The Security and Stability Advisory Committee of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers termed the practice "domain name front running" and likened it to a stock broker buying or selling shares ahead of a client's trade, in anticipation of a movement in price.

In the case of Internet addresses, many people who see a domain name available the first time they check it out, find it already taken by the time they return to buy it.

That has led to suspicions that someone with access to search requests has been using the information to gauge interest in a domain name.

By buying the domain first, that person can then try to sell it to the interested party for a profit. This is different from traditional domain name speculation because the buyer knows for sure that the address is of interest.

Although the practice has never been proved, the ICANN committee said the perception that it is happening "portrays an unfavorable image of the parties associated with the domain name registration process in specific, and of the domain name community in general."

The committee said it wants to prevent "perception from evolving to accepted wisdom."

The committee cited several ways front running may be happening, including the installation of viruses and other software programmed to collect such information and the use of unscrupulous third-party sites to check domain name availability. Coincidence also was cited as a possibility.

ICANN is trying to gather evidence on whether it is occurring and, if so, whether policies or other measures are required to restrict the practice.

Gary Coey

Hi Frank,

I am here to pick your brain, once again. And it is a big one at that :)

What do you think of www.BatteryLife.mobi? Don't we all want more accessories and battery life for our electronic devices ? :)

Its obvious I am still grasping at straws over here :) By the way, 2 degrees and frosty here in White Rock. When was the last time you scraped a windshield :)


***FS*** It's been a long time.. I think you should stick with .coms on secondary names like that. Batterylife.com is nice middle of the road inventory. Not so much in .mobi



I had a question regarding being a respondant on WIPO claims but didn't want to post the full question in comments -- is it okay to e-mail you?



Mastering Your Own Domain (Hijacking?/domain bandits?)
'Gamble' on Valkyrie pays for Converse
(really pays to have someone,anyone around who knows a little something about domains)


Hi Frank,

More revealed on Mozilla tie to Google with Firefox search revenue...


Now, tell me it's not worth it for domainers to build a browser :)



This might be of interest to you:


Combine Generic Domain name with back-end infrastructure already in place - sounds like a great Joint Venture by the Internet Real Estate Group.


""Now, tell me it's not worth it for domainers to build a browser :)""

Drewbert...I am with you.

Web Browser
Search Engine
About 10 - 20 'new' Media Conglomerates


David B


From what I've read in your blog, you seem to like domains like NashvilleRoofer.com and NashvilleRoofers.com, but you don't care for domains like LocalRoofer.com or LocalRoofers.com. Could you please explain why? Thanks in advance.

***FS*** The former is the type that people will type in for no other reason than, that it has meaning and resonance.. They are descriptive phrases and part of every-day vernacular .. like yellow page headings which anyone can lay claim to on a first come first serve basis. I have never heard anybody say "I need to find a local roofer" .. I have heard people say "I need a low cost roof" or people in Nashville say "I need a roof" so I like Nashvilleroofers.com and lowcostroofers.com .. Localroofers.com is like registering waproofing.com to describe a roofing site on a wap phone.. conceptual name with no end user buyer and no type-in traffic.

Hope this helps.

David B


I'm sure I speak for so many when I say thank you for your blog. It's such a great resource to get ahead in this industry. My question - what is your opinion on the domains CheapExterminators.com and CheapPetSitting.com? Thanks again for sharing your insight.

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