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February 21, 2007



Hi Frank,

Do you know a tool(s) or website(s) that can give "accurate" domain drop date with the time, it will be available for registration ?

Thank you

Domainer's Gazette

hey Frank..

was glancing over your blogroll (aka Sites Frank Visits).. noticed you had your 3 addicitions..looks like you may need to add a 4th when Namejet rolls out : )

and while you were at it, you never know, you might accidentally add Domainer's Gazette to the mix.. : )



Hi Frank,

Do you know any domain holders/investors that are interested in healthcare related domains?



***FS*** I think everybody, and nobody.. depending on the name and the price.

Ari Shohat

Hi Frank, great blog!

I would love to get your take on what you feel is happening to .fm names.

Over last few years they are going from totally obscure to having sites like Last.fm sell to CBS for over $200mil, now we get Anywhere.fm, Social.fm, and many others are jumping in.

Of course I am biased, I operate a few myself like Sky.fm :)

Thanks in advance!

Raymond Hackney

Frank I am totally lost should we not ask you questions anymore? Because it seems a lot of ASK FRANK does not get answered since you came back from vacation. I asked you a question about something that you discussed with me before on Khakis.net. It got printed with no answer I asked why no reply when you posted it so you removed it entirely? WOW

***FS*** Sorry Ray.. I am just soo busy these days.. no disrespect intended.. really! if I posted I did so in order for others to post comment / reply to it. I saw a post or two ago that you would prefer I not post if no comment so deleted. Again, I meant no disrespect, just overwhelmed lately.


OK Frank that's fine if you busy your busy. And I mean no disrespect by this but I think people here are seeking your opinion not the others. Its like going to a Basketball camp run by Michael Jordan and being told Scott Skiles will be instructing you

***FS*** That's very flattering.. msg to Raymond H.. Please post again and I'll try to be more attentive.. Again, appologies.


I would really appreciate your opinion/foresight on targeted generic domains.
I have been watching, reading, and studying the blogs (yours at the top :)) and domain sales sites. It seems the sales are broken into three main segments. First the weird trash, second the pretty weird brandable, and third the solid very broad generics that cover large industries, categories, etc..
I have really not seen too much of the very targeted generic domains in the sales stats or auctions. Yes there have been some, but not the mainstay of the auctions. Now, there are only so many broad generics such as sportinggoods.com, which certainly warrant attention and premium prices. The rage for the highly targeted razor sharp domains that focus on products underneath the broad category like sportinggoods.com I think (and hope) has to be around the corner. I see fabulous domains for example, they see it, their names are very focused for the most part. I also concentrate on these highly targeted domains but at times it can be a little frustrating since their time has not come yet. Sorry for being so long in the tooth Frank, I wanted to get your opinion on these very targeted domains and what you see happening after the broad generics have crossed the board a few times. Appreciate your time.
David V

***FS*** I think I understand what you were thinking when you wrote this.. There are seemingly few broad category domains that turn .. but those aren't necessarily the most valuable.

Even though sportinggoods.com includes golfclubcovers.com, golfbags.com tenisracquets.com and countless others,the name sportinggoods.com is not as valuable as all those combined... Think of each category against the backdrop of a worldwide audience and you'll get that gazing off-a-cliff feeling, where the world suddenly looks like a very big place. Lots of opportunity there .. and the category killer names like sportinggoods.com aren't necessarily that valuable.


Thanks for the response! I see what you mean when you say the "combination" of the seemingly smaller domains are much more valuable. Maybe where I was going is that it seems the crowd or focus is still in the broad areas. Sales have been very slow (for me) and although it's partially my own fault for only having a tenth of my domains listed in sites database, it seems I'm either behind the wave or ahead of it. I feel pretty confident I'm ahead of it, maybe I (and others) like to hear the opinion of someone who has proved himself in this industry. (you) Do you think the "crowd" whether it be domainers or end users willing be coming around with understanding as to the power of a highly focused domain name?
Thanks Frank, you the best!
As a side note, I was really disappointed I couldn't attend TRAFFIC and speak with you since I am only 3 miles away from where it was held!
Thanks David V


hey Frank

thought you might get a kick out of this trademark and domain dispute about two different Hammer Museums:


***FS*** I saw that when it came out.. The bigger hammer will win and neither will get the .museum :)

Oliver K

Frank -

what's the best way to find a domainer who would work with us on a revenue share basis? We have great content but our site is bad from a usability and conversion perspective. We don't have anyone doing landing page optimization, adwords optimization, or run an affiliate program for us. We'd like to find someone who is experienced - where should we post this business opportunity?

Thanks for any advice!

***FS** Maybe somebody will read here and comment. My plate is full sir.

Johnny B


I need to market "enersun.com"... I bought this domain to exploit the exploding solar market. Where's the best place to sell this one?

Take care,

Johnny B

***FS*** Fine brandable name.. one of many.. Check for third party TM's before launching headlong. Sales best on Sedo.. but maybe someboddy will see here Johnny.



Hi Frank,

Do you know tool(s) or website(s) that will give "accurate" domain drop dates with the drop time(s), for registration ?

I am referring to names not taken by drop catchers.

Thank you

***FS*** Everything Charley, everything gets taken on the drop now.. it gets tasted , the good names with traffic are kept and the rest spat back.. If you're looking for a name without traffic, then pull the daily list of names expiring through pool.com or snapnames.com and then wait five days after the drop.. acquire when they get re-released.


I have an idea for you relating to "Ask Frank a question". Why don't you post only those questions which you are able to provide an answer for, leave a message at the top "due to time constraints only a select few questions can be answered but feel free to ask anyway". I believe this way it doesn't come across as being cold, posting the question and then ignoring it. ;p

As far as Dan and the others who like to post news stories that may interest you and your readers, add another "post interesting news" related section and all of those posts can be listed, and select the one's you like to post on the main page as you are doing now.

***FS*** Thanks Alpi.. I'll try to set something like that up

Ari Shohat

Hi Frank, passing on commenting regarding .fm question the other day, or missed by accident with so much to do? Thanks for your thoughts in advance!

**FS***I'm not super crazy about the .fm namespace.. I have a friend or two who have them but most major radio is still gravitating to the .com .. don't have more insight into .fm

Ari Shohat

Thank you very much Frank, you are truly generous with your time.

Justin Davey

Hi Frank:

I'm just new to this game and I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what you think these domains could be worth. I know you're not a fan of .mobi, but there are a few:


Thanks for your time!



Internet Users to Surf Solar System by 2010?



regarding recent "ing" sales

memoring.com $40,000 [memoring.it]
reviewing.com $10,000

I know you're focus is buy-and-hold, but I was wondering if you could comment on these. I'm just getting into the field ... My take is that despite protecting a brand (the case of memoring), I would have expected these prices to be flipped. What do you think of these valuations? What do you think about "ing"s?

thanks Frank!



If there ever was a time in human history for a few 'domainers' and a few 'seo'ers/sem'ers' that understand domains and Internet search...to come together.

Now would be the time to for a "Field of Dreams" moment... 'build it and they will come'.


Dogpile Beats Google, Again Top Search Engine in Customer Satisfaction



Hi Frank,

It was nice to see you at TRAFFIC, Miami.
Here is the DuckEggs.com 'Generic domain name campaign' that I said will start. http://www.duckeggs.com/domains/?p=4

The here idea is to educate the business people as there is a great disconnect between them, and the domainers. The recent cowboys.com deal is best example..

Need your valuable comments on this idea which is expected to benefit every domainer and the business people on the street.

Sai Pola.


Frank, I got 2 ideas I want to run through you...

So, domainers make their money from type in traffic. As long as there is traffic, making money won't be the hard part, its the traffic that pays the bills.

So, isn't it important for us to focus more on the traffic. Here are two ideas

1) What if the top 5 domainers in the world all put in say $500,000 and each a did a super bowl commercial, whereby they showed users typing in a .com domain name and having a good experience. So, that way, users understand that typing in a generic term followed by a .com can be a good experience. Basically, show a few users, in the commercial, thinking of something, and then typing it into the browser for a rewarding experience. Heck, the domainers that pay for the commercial can end up promoting a few of their domains on the commercial, in the process.

By reinforcing this in users heads, we can do even just a little bit to ensure users continue to type in what they are looking for, followed by a .com.

2) There should be more studies and forums that show that when a page has relevant links, and not pop-ups or un relevant links, that there is more repeat traffic over time.

If there was a study that looked into this, and ultimately confirmed that a quality page increases repeat visits, maybe more people would focus on quality with their domains thus guaranteeing that users have a good experience when they type what they are looking for, followed by a .com. And if users have a good experience, they will be more likely to continue to do this…
I'd like to hear your thoughts

***FS*** That superbowl idea was openly discussed several years ago.. More effective would be a webpage based graphic reinforcing the type-in as Sahar suggested before.. At this point I'm not sure you need the superbowl commercial.. There is already so much inertia in the domain space. You second question runs along the same answer (more or less) .. There hasn't been a study yet that says type-in domain name traffic is bad.. Statmark/Websidestory have issued reports.. analysts at the bank know about this. It's much more known that you'd think.


Hi Frank

Not a question, but following the Dallas Cowboys fiasco, further proof that 'they' just don't get it.
Check out the Gaming Alerts Ltd clip - http://www.bbc.co.uk/dragonsden/ - where one of the tycoons parts with GBP200k for a stake in what's basically an affiliate link website with virtually no traffic. Not just that, but they don't own the .com of their name, or the singular (snapped up by a viewer last night along with many other permutations).
I wonder how hard it would have been to sell this obviously shrewd guy (in other areas) a great, revenue making generic for his $400kplus - next to impossible is my guess!

Best - James

***FS*** Thanks James


Frank, I think you missed my second point.

I know that domain traffic converts and is good traffic. My point is that some people put pop-ups and un-relevant links onto domain names. By doing this, one would guess that users won't come back again to the page they visited. Users may even stop typing in generic name followed by a .com if they don't have a good experience the first time.

So, if there was a study that said repeat traffic, to a particular domain name, increases based on how quality the page experience is, then maybe more people would remove pop-unders and un-releated links from thier domain name and thus, encourage users to continue to type in generic term followed be a .com.

***FS*** Thanks sincerely, I didn't originally catch that. We have tested this and there is no.. "stay away" rate that results from adding pop-ups. Taking pops away makes no difference in user loyalty.. it does provide a cleaner experience whicle browsing (we all agree) but type-in traffic is not impacted that we can measure.. and I've tried.


Hi Frank,

It was nice to see you at TRAFFIC, Miami.
Here is the DuckEggs.com 'Generic domain name campaign' that I said will start.


The here idea is to educate the business people as there is a great disconnect between them, and the domainers. The recent cowboys.com deal is best example..

Need your valuable comments on this idea which is expected to benefit every domainer and the business people on the street.

Sai Pola.

***FS*** I think this is really well said Sai!~ The world is changinging quickly.. People aren't as clueless as they used to be and there are fewer and fewer cases like cowboys.com .. Those that do come out get spoken to very quickly via blogs and press releases like yours. Keep up the great work!~


thanks for the response. u the man FS, its great that you get back to people on this blog...

thanks again...

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