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February 21, 2007


Rob Sequin


I have seen rumors about ATT buying Yahoo? Do you think that would ever happen and what are your thoughts on a new Yahoo run by ATT?

***FS*** I had heard that too but never pictured it actually happenig.. Watch.. it will happen tomorrow or something. Let me think about this and get back to you if I have a great vision or something. Hey.. maybe Google will mysteriously start loading slower web-wide ;)

Franky Tong

I stumbled across this: http://www.domainpreserve.org/ I chuckled and thought you might enjoy it :)

***FS*** Funny!

Edwin Sherman

Quick question: Is the ICA membership fee an annual or lifetime fee? I can't find this info on the site.

***FS*** Thanks Edwin.. I beleive its annual. The good new is that ICA dollars get spent.. I personally donate alot to the group as a public service to help those who are starting out as I did once.

Raymond Hackney

Hello Frank, great blog have two questions if that is ok with you .

1 Do you have any opinion on the .tv extension? It is a niche extension but one that I follow greatly and provide commentary on in the namepros .tv subforum and run a typepad blog like you at dottvnation.tv.
Demand Media coming in to run the retail side is looking to promote the extension heavily. Wanted your opinion as other big domainers like IGAL(domainspa) and ELEQUA (FMA.com) have big .tv portfolios. .tv does get traffic too I own .tv domains that get 60 -100 uniques a day and know others that get more.

***FS*** I think .tv will do okay but prefer dot com. No matter how hard Demad tries they are not going to undo a trillion dollars in marketing and branding that made .com what it is. They could give the names away for nothing and it still wouldn't happen IMO. Names that get 60 unique in .tv would get 6000 unique in .com the only thing I could see getting closer is brand encroach/typosquats like ktla.tv upnnetwork.tv .. that said you can make money in .tv land but you can make money anywhere if you exert effort.. the trend is your friend and that trend is still .com .. stick with .com and you will create more opportunity for yourself. More opportunity for traffic, more opportunity for sales.

2) Is it possible to send you an email of just like 20 domains and get a quick opinion from you these are all .com I like your rumcakes.com idea could you really make that much with just 10 visitors a day? \

***FS*** The name gets 10 uniquye a day with no development ever before.. that tells me that will very little effort I could turn 10 into 100 and sell rumcakes for thousands of dollars.. so to answer your question : Yes. A meaningful name like rumcakes.com that gets 10 or so uniques consistently for nothing more than the keyword weight or gravity of the name can easily ratchet up to 100's of unique with precious little effort and into millions of dollars in product sales.

Thank you
***FS*** glad to help

Thought you might be interested in this entry from Henry Blodget

Thanks for the great blog!

Advertisers Fleeing TV, Radio for Internet, etc.

Emily Steel of the WSJ reported startling numbers from TNS Media Intelligence showing just how fast major advertisers are pulling money out of traditional media and throwing it into paid search, digital media, and other "unmeasured" advertising. This trend has been underway for years, and the figures are backward-looking, but it's no wonder that traditional media conglomerates like Viacom are starting to panic:

In a sign of how major advertisers are shifting money out of traditional media, ad tracking firm TNS Media Intelligence reported that the nation's 50 biggest advertisers cut their spending on "measured" media such as TV, print and Internet display ads by 1.5% in 2006 -- though U.S. ad spending grew 4.1% overall.

While some of the decline may reflect overall cutbacks in ad spending by big marketers, it likely signals that big companies such as Procter & Gamble are reallocating some of their ad budgets to new Internet ad venues which aren't measured by TNS -- such as paid-search advertising, social networking and online video.

Not surprisingly, the report showed that growth in ad spending on traditional media, particularly newspapers and radio, continued to slow dramatically while spending on Internet display ads is accelerating. But it also highlighted a significant slowdown in ad growth among cable channels, after several years of robust increases.



For those of us who don't have an exclusive contract with Yahoo or Google, do you recommend we keep trying different ppc providers or just stick with one thats a great Google feed and one thats a great Yahoo feed?

A related question would be - which ppc provider do you think is best for each feed?

Thanks in advance (I know fellow domainers are *struggling* with this issue).

***FS*** I think the parking companies can can do alot for you if you negotiate.. Some of them get such good revshares (because of their size) that they can actually give you a better deal than you could get direct.

Raymond Hackney

First off thank you for your replies to my questions. I really just wanted to get your opinion on .tv glad to see you at least thought it could do ok. I am focused on .tv as it is my niche. I own several LLLtv.com and Countrytv.org to support the .tv efforts but they are development and sales efforts the LLLTV.com get lowball offers all the time, some get traffic but I do not disagree from a domainer standpoint .com is the king.

The one question you did not answer was if I could email you a small list but I figured I might as well post them here and you can answer. Just your opinion on my top .coms

DominioBlog.com (spanish for Domain)
DeportesBlog.com (spanish for Sports)

Do you think any of these make sense to build a rumcake example business out of ?
I thought VideoGameTitles.com and I have aplan for Anythong typo for anything and perfect for Ladies Underwear.

Lastly when I cannot get the .com I go for .org for finance/loan related domains trying to build a good network around fasterpaydayloans.com with major cities like miamipaydayloan.org detroit,La,Atlanta Do you think this makes sense I figure if I develop it I can sell as a package down the road.

Thank you again great blog

***FS*** I think if you follow the traffic you will always win. I read your names "VideoGameTitles.com and Anythong " were the ones that jumped out to me (as they did w. u) The reason is there may be traffic there. Thats the key in everything.. follow the traffic, follow the money.


You got me reading Owen Frager's Blog....smart fellow with great insights on the advertising industry. He's got an interesting piece on the Microsoft's acquisition of TellMe. Owen hints that if you look into the service that TellMe provides, domainers, specifically .mobi speculators, should be nervous.

I'm not a big .mobi fan anyway, but I can see how this could disrupt future type-ins of .com/.net via cellphones in the future. Interested to hear your opinion on this.

Tia Wood

What's your take on this thread:


***FS*** Hi Tia.. I think intellectual property rights on the web should be respected by all.. you shouldn't be a white hat/black hat domainer where you go out and deliberately register tm names in a profile seperate from your other 'good' names .. intent is important.. it shines through. That said.. i think microsoft and google should stop making money off typos of my generic domains when surfers accidentally add a .comm or .con or .cpm or .cvom after the name instead of the correct .com (that traffic is intended for my network not their error page) Just because you make a billion a month, doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you. Buts both ways.


Dear Abby,

What are your reactions to this?


Love always,

notunconcerned nonbystander

***FS*** Bill Gates talked about this a year ago and they are just getting started.. I think its clever.. "Everybody needs money, that's why they call it money" [Mammet] .. Won't kill google imo but might dent it. Good for domain traffic, bad for Yahoo ;)

Patrick McDermott

Hi Frank,

Regarding getting your own Registrar,
you said "get Snapnames, Tucows, Enom or Moniker (nod to others not mentioned) to run the cred for you".

What does "run the cred for you" mean?


***FS*** "Running your accreditation (cred is slang for accreditation or registrar: ICANN accreditation)" You need somebody to run the registrar backend on a server somewhere unless you're a programmer. Tucows has a product called OpenHRS, Snap can do it, Enom can do it.. You should own your own cred and not give out the registry password for the drop pool. Again ... running a registrar is good for folks who are making good money from a fairly large portfolio of domains that are worth real money.. This won't be for everyone.

Bob Luther

Hi Frank,
Have you seen today's New York Times article titled "Researchers Track Down a Plague of Fake Web Pages" ?
They refer to a report at


Hi Frank - You're incredibly generous to spend your time responding to everybody ... much appreciated. A quick question ... I read below that you recommend "following the traffic" to find domains names of value. How would you reconcile that advice with a gut feel that a domain has (or may have) some inherent strategic value (to businesses, industries etc) but may garner little or no traffic?

I've struggled with this dilemma as I've built a portfolio of 1500 or so domains that I feel have a very strong inherent value, but have turned out to generate minimal traffic and even less in earnings. I'm confident that with the proper exposure and in the hands of someone willing to spend minimal "rumcake" time (I have a day job and don't have this time), many of my domains could be extremely valuable in the business world. Any thoughts?

Many thanks ...

***FS*** http://inventory.overture.com


Frank as I understnad You don´t sell domains. But A domain containing "sex" word I am really interested. Have You started maybe dropping those adult domains like other big portfolio owners? Or what do you think? Maybe You can send me an email.


I enjoy reading your thoughts and hearing this is just beginning. However, I am young, smart, HUNGRY, and only have $1500.00 in my pocket. I am ready to invest it all in domain names. What do you suggest and why? I tried buying a name on Snapnames and some guy Bonkerstwo kept bidding it up...LOLOL

How can I get my slice of cheese?



***FS*** Offer privately .. scour whois for a name than interests you and make private offers via phone, email. Sounds like you have more time than money so you'd be surprised what the secondary market holds.


To follow up...Going through Whois Info and contacting people has not been as fruitful as I would like. With Only $1500 don't you think long term 5 years from now I would be better off buying a quality .US or .INFO name which would have potentially BIG upside as opposed to buying a 3 keyword .com which still has very little traffic and revenue as the .COM market is already the HUGE dominant player.



I'm sure you've got your ear to the ground and heard the news that Google is venturing into the world of CPA (Cost-Per-Action). CPA is far from new (CJ, Clickbank, Linkshare) but with Google getting involved with their massive advertiser base - this is big news.


Looking at a few other industry blogs, it seems that there are mixed emotions on the effect it will have on Google's earnings as well as how it will effect domainers. According to Paul Sloan, it doesn't look to bright for domainers:


I'm a little more optimistic for a few reasons:

Click fraud is overblown since the advertisers ROI will effect the market bid price for a specific keyword. If click fraud is high, advertisers will convert less of their clicks into $ and then will adjust (lower) their bid price on future PPC campaigns. This ultimately has more of a negative effect on Google and domainers than advertisers because shrinking bid prices mean less revenue to split out with Google and domainers while advertisers always have the option to lower their bids (Google is subject to market bid price and domainers can only change advertising feed - which will most likely have the same click fraud issues).

With CPA, an action needs to be completed in order to get paid (sale made, or application completed, etc.) - ROI calculations would no longer have to compensate for click fraud which would effectively increase the efficiency of the entire process - which will drive up CPA bid prices (advertisers always have to bid up to stay competitive in Google marketplace) to a sustainable market level.

With a more efficient marketplace - no click fraud serving as an extra middleman - it should equate to better payouts to traffic drivers such as domainers.

The only way I think CPA can hurt domainers is if Google does not implement a quality system that verifies that the action is complete - sale verifications can only be 100% verified if Google handles the payment (maybe through Google's Paypal killer - Gbuy) and pays out the appropriate monies to the affiliate (domainer) and the advertiser. ClickBank, another CPA marketplace does this in order to efficiently track all pruchases. But, we do have to keep in mind, that not all completed "actions" are sales, some can be just to fill out newsletter requests - how can their be 3rd party verification for this?

So many variables to consider to understand the total magnitude of the overall ripple effect this will have for domaining industry (our heads will spin trying to think of all the different scenarios). But one would be foolish to think that this will have no effect on domain strategies & revenues. Even with you Frank, having a Yahoo feed - you know it's only a matter of time when Yahoo and Microsoft will get in the mix as well. Curious to hear your thoughts.

***FS*** Here you go: http://frankschilling.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/03/googles_new_cpa.html

owen frager

Enjoyed you on the radio yesterday. Thanks again for being so generous and sharing so much that contribnutes to our wealth and success.

I was struxck by your comments about having a plan for each of your names. A memory of when you bought the name and what your vision was. This kind od passion is rae and found in only a select few of the domainers I know who recognize a business problem and get jazzed about the Internet's opportunity to solve it (the name is a sidebar but a sidebar with type-ins or one that works in a NetShops model is certainly a headstart).

Can you share what some of your favorite names and 100 years from now how you'd like to be remembered for what they represented?

***FS*** Wow thanks for the compliment Owen That's a big question and if I take the time to answer it I have no time to do this AM's company stuff.. allow me to defer and I promise I'll post about it.

Rob B

Hello Frank, here is a specific question, how would you monetize French Canadian traffic? I have some french generic .ca's on different subjects that get traffic, right now I build single page sites with related content and Adsense type ads. I've found a french dating affiliate program, and amazon in french, but beyond that I haven't seen much out there for french traffic. PPC sites rarely have french ads, so there is no point in using PPC to show english ads to french surfers. Is there anything else out there you know of?

***FS*** Totally depends on what the names are . You could try an espotting feed pulling french results from Europe if there are content matches but depends on the name.


Hi Frank,

A question about Godaddy. You mention in a post that you like Godaddy and Bob Parsons but in a post advising which registrars to buy from, you mention enom, domaindirect but not Godaddy.

I have a bunch of domains at Godaddy (not worth much) and am now getting into domains seriously. Would you recommend staying with them or starting with one of the other registrars you mentioned?



***FS*** I have a great deal of respect for Bob.. a veteran, served his country, built a great business.. I admire everything except the shooting of an elephant in paul sloan's Biz2 piece. That's unforgivable IMO. Godaddy the regsitrar is an upsell rar.. buy a registration and watch the upsell emails flood in. They are too big IMO to effectiely service commercial registrants and their unique needs. They have a policy of cancelling or holding registrations if somebody complains about them, their TOS looks punitive. For a small mom/pop registrant they are fine, but I wouldn't use them as a mid/large domainer. Perhaps others have some real world experience and will comment.



Smells like a trend here for .tv domain owners. Too bad Frank.tv is already taken....we could of had the Frank Video Blog!

P.S. I'm guilty...I regged a .tv after seeing this.


Great blog very entertaining read. I believe I understand where you stand on the newer extensions with regards to natural "type-in" traffic, my question though is what value would you assign the prefix regardless of the extension provided that we are talking about a marquee keyword? For example if "back.com" (which changed hands five years ago at around $80k) is today worth $500,000 how much would "back.info" be worth?

P.S. I'm the owner of neither, just using them as an example.


Hi Frank,

Don't know if this has been covered here yet...

Have you or anyone you know written a book about domaining that you could recommend?



***FS*** I think there is a new book coming. Late this year early next .. I know of two in the works actually.

Johnny B. Good

Hello Frank,

In regards to selling individual domains or a whole portfolio, you said in your article entitled Reflection on the Ides of March, "The disconnect I have built to is that large groups of names are actually worth less together than their individual break-up value apart (and by a considerable margin)."

This notion occurred to me many years back when a guy I met told me how he used to buy and sell strip clubs in South Florida. He told me that he bought these dumpy little strip clubs for $150,000 to $200,000, fixed them up a little, and built the traffic and then would sell the club for $500,000 to $600,000 to one buyer. But he soon realized he could cut up interest in the clubs into thirds and sell interest in each third for $250,000 to $300,000 and make $750,000 to $900,000 instead, or even keep a third interest himself.

That is the moment I realized our company's domains are better off being sold individually (if ever), instead as a bulk sale - ideally.

But, my next thought was what about a really good set of domains in a niche that truely make an unbelievable "niche collection"? Are these better off being sold as a set, like a set of rare coins that were hard to assemble, or broken up and sold to each interested party? I lean towards thinking a set like this, if truely remarkable, would be better sold as a set.

My question to you is, if you are able to answer it: Should a great .com niche collection be sold as a set or broken up and sold?

I'm sure with your collection you could make some nice sets too :)

***FS*** I agree that sets are worth more in most circumstances. That's what I have been building to over the years. I just launched a new website at www.webhealth.com yesterday that all my health names point into.. Try: eatingdisorders.com, depressed.com .. we're sending 30+k visits a day to different pages within the site.. Its an instant portal. Yesterday they were all parked like testdrive.com is.. (same layout) .. Ad high quality content, flip a switch and BAM.. you've got site that can rival WebMD


Frank, nice work on Webhealth. I noticed that you used a wiki and I started laughing. It's nice and simple: perfect.

Been thinking of doing the same for some projects. Also noticed that anyone can edit your wiki. That's created spam problems at Wikpedia.

I'm curious as to why you're letting anyone edit (hence deal with spam issues) rather than just keep it closed.



***FS*** I'd love to take the credit but that falls squarely with a guy named Ying and his pal Ry.. It's an experiment that we think will work. If it becomes a spam magnet we'll lock it down.

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