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February 21, 2007



Well, Your registrar name is
Registrar of Record: DomainNameSales
What do You expect then?

You should rename it to DOMAINSNOTFORSALE


You are absolutely correct 'Stuff'. But the site explains that the registrar doesn't sell names. It's just that I know that Godaddy knows that the whois info is valid.. but they go around to the registrar anyway to complain trying to illicit a response. I get the feedback from the registrar.. Alot of smaller registrants don't get that luxury. This is more of a watch your back post.


Hi Frank,

What is the future of .Net? over the past couple of year it's grown has been flat compared to the .Com, but there are a lot of great specific .Net sites that have seen a lot success and yet people tend to overlook it.

***FS*** I like .nets and have bought a few.. but prices are getting headier.. Good solid extension IMO.


Hi Frank:

I know you if anyone knows this answer since you coined the investing in high-value generic domain names and was hoping for just a quick moment of your time.

***FS*** I honestly didn't coin it.. I have heard a few folks who have attributed to me tho. Thanks for your kind words tho

Can you tell me the best methods to get an idea of what domains are worth today? I have paid for appraisals from the top dogs in the business and they are all over the place. Even placed an ebay ad(Garage sale for domain names)which do not even match the paid appraisals. We own almost 400 names most registared in 1995. Most are generic (like WANTED.COM) and have never had any google ads or crap on them. Most have never even seen content on for all these years. Now we want to retire and cash out. We sold off several and I know we got ripped off. What is the Best method to do this? Thanks and we appreciate any help.

***FS*** If all your names are like 'wanted.com' or better then you could have the internet equivalent of the copy of 'the declaration of independence' found in your attic. you could shop your list to any of the top holders, Start at the domain forums ie. namepros.com, domainstate.com. Then shop the major buyers (marchex.com, ireit, sedo.com). If your names are good you may be a millionaire. Stop selling until you figure out what it is you've got exactly and pay your renewals. It would suck to loose a gem worth millions because your credit card bounced.. advance renew if possible.

steven zielke

dotmp (.mp) is ccTLD of USA Commonwealth does that rekindle any interest...

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