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February 21, 2007



Hmm, for a man of your budget and snap auction skills I would't think you'd be tossing and turning and loosing sleep when you can pretty much alway be the highest bidder on any name if you really want to. That brings me to a related question, how often your emotions get better of you and you end up bidding for a certain must-have domain more than your business sense would normally allow you to do? In other words, when you emotionally overbid and win in one auction do you immediately sober up and underbid in some consequent auction? How do you ensure that you are running things on an even keel?

RumCakes.com, even without looking I'd know this name belongs to you. It has your signature all over it. I love rum cakes too, especially those that are fresh and moisty.


That's the hardest part in any auction leaving your emotions out of it (at the door).. When I was 19 living in Canada; 'Free Trade' (canada/us freetrade - precurser to nafta) came in and we started importing used cars from California (cheap market) to Canada (expensive market) .. I was at the end of a five day buying trip and my Dad (Dr. Schilling) flew down for one day to watch what his son did for a living. I wanted to impress him. I had bought all the cars I was going to put on the transporter but one crossed the block.. this beat up 70 VW Bug convertible. I liked convertibles and wanted to impress my Dad who was there for just the day (emotion) so I bid on this car without thinking. I was going to be "King of the Hill!"... well I was.. the Mexican car dealers who owned that Bug bid against me till they thoroughly drained my wallet (legal shill bidding in Calif at the time), and taught me a life lesson. I sold the Bug at a loss in Canada. I remember that everytime I bid (and everytime I'm in a plane flying over Mexico) .. So my 'crazy bidding' today looks crazy partly because it is calculating and completely devoid of emotion.

Frank Michlick

Mmmm, Rum Cakes. That name surely has your tag on it :)

Looks like the blog bug caught you, love reading your blog, but I have problems keeping up :)


I should really edit offline .. thanks FM :)


"calculating and completely devoid of emotion."

I'm sure you do it a small percentage of the time. It is human nature to occasionally slip into emotional bidding.
There are times you want that domain even though logically it would take 20+ yrs to re-coop the cost.
For example, if Schilling.com became available thru Snapnames, I'm positive emotions would kick in. I know it would for me with my last name.
I understand the point you are making. And, I believe all of us have a "VW bug" example that have changed our buying/bidding patterns.
Frank, It is great to hear that story.
Please keep it up.

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