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February 20, 2007


David Sprake

Hi Frank,
First just wanted to say thanks for the blog, really interesting, thought provoking and enlightening.

I have been thinking about some of your views for type in .com traffic being like water flowing over a waterfall. It makes me uncomfortable- will it go on for ever- Will it be diluted? Dot com is certainly all a majority of world wide population even know about. But will it always be the same?

There are thousands of young (and old) people with new ideas for starting up websites and when they look for a domain name for there new idea, do they pay thousands $ for a .com, or a very long .com that is unregistered or $6 for a shorter dot- something else.

It is not unreasonable to think some will go for another, more widely available shorter extension i.e. .info, .biz .tv whatever…….

Fast forward 5 years future, and some of the successful start-ups might make it big- (maybe top 10 Alexia?)

Everybody would have heard about that once unknown extension, and hears the rub…..

Will it take a huge leap of imagination for someone to type in for example rumcakes.com and then rumcackes.info to see what’s there?

I don’t know…… but in makes me uncomfortable. Should we diversify into other extensions to hedge are bets?

***FS*** ""Fast forward 5 years future,"" ... They said this 10years ago and nothing is different. Speed the key to success on the net. The Google guys started out around a few years before me, The Youtube guys registered the name for their business when I was grabbing drop names. Think of those missed opportunities on my part there. I would focus on .com cuz thats where the traffic is now. In the future.. we'll all be older or dead.. thats all I'm sure of. :)


Hi Mr Schilling,
was wondering how I might go about submitting my domain portfolio to you for possible purchase by your company?
Thanks for your time.

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