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March 31, 2007



I run a small consulting group out of Atlanta and the business owners that I work with would rather have a biz domain than a .info. Biz is good, .name doesn't do it, .ws doesn't get it, orgs are really meant for organizations like aa, again it doesn't describe their business. .mobi - maybe for a mobile application, but not a business. BIZ works just the same as a dot com, sounds like business, can be registered by anyone anywhere, they're supported by one the biggest names in the industry and will filter to the top of the search engines. The shorter keywords are memorable. soandso@toomanywordstotype.com will never be half as good.

With more ad dollars competing for a finite definitions within an ever expanding market. The biz domains will produce for investors. A 30 second spot on local TV in Atlanta runs about 30k for 30 seconds. National ads are 120k plus - a domain that's a keyword will work as long as the internet does. Asking a premium for a memorable business reference is cheap by comparison, advertising is bound to catch on quickly, it's a reoccurring revenue stream.

***FS*** Just make sure to get the .com of your biz name as well or you WILL loose traffic to that name. There is no undoing the branding and human nature that makes .com the juggernaut it is.

Andrew Hyde

Very funny - there wasn't a typo - not biz, just the two letter country code for Belize - the two letters B and Z.

I can appreciate your rational, but there are no keywords available - nor will there be in the dot com segment. The .bz tld is better than any other county codes available for businesses and understandable to businessmen internationally. It's not a giant leap to go from dot com to dot bz in terms of peoples thinking. It will filter to the top of the search engines as a domain and it makes sense to the English speaking world. What do you think keyword.bz's will be worth in years? If internet ad spending reaches 80b as estimated (dnjournal), these domain tld's are the biggest sleeper investment of the industry.

***FS*** Oy Ve


Perfect day to post foolish investments? But, a couple of bucks in this area could payoff - made bigger ones that didn't. I enjoy the rapport and enjoying the site - great read.

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