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March 08, 2007


Eric D

What a gorgeous car – but if I remember the Cayman Islands – you can’t do 300+ mph on Church Street. Also – you are a posting machine – all day long I have to check every hour or so – keep it up!



***FS*** Ha!!~ no you can not.. but out in east-end on a Sunday morning before church time, you can wind up to 120 or so on a few stretches.. I would have kept the Bugatti in a friend's hangar in Ft. Lauderdale.. but he's a car guy too.. and I would have had to leave a key :- / .. so then I thought about a house.. and then you can't buy a house in a bad SO FLA neighborhood becasue the car is worth more than the house. It started getting too complicated.. when you live on an island its tough.. Funny info: Insurance is 200k a year through AIG (with collision and liability)


Problem solved, http://www.romansinternational.com/
And you can keep it at my house - just give me the nod and I'll go clear all the crap out of my garage!

***FS*** Very tempting sir.. If I ever leave the domain business, My first indulgence will be to drive that car from Miami to Las Vegas/LA .. with Cayman plates


That car deserves to live close to the Autobahn. You know that, Frank.

***FS*** Well said.

Rob Sequin

What can I do to get this stupid smirk off my face?

That car is SICK!


I've never been to the Caymans, but I live in Hawaii - there is no way you could really enjoy that car on an island like Oahu :)

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