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March 23, 2007



Oh no not this guy again!
Wonder if this could be the same Dale Merritt

**FS*** Lovely .. Proving once again that the fly's are attracted to the sugar.


actually reminded me a lot of this post

Patrick McDermott


I listened to an archive of the first radio show. It is entirely devoid of any real content.

The almost hour long "show" is basically an infomercial for selling their '360' domains which start at $10,000.

Even the commercial breaks featured the same "commercial" which just reinforced the main infomercial. There weren't any independent advertisers.

If you don't have 10 grand, you can get their 'Domain Marketing System" for just $99 which includes a "valuable" domain name.

Let us know how you make out if you bite.


***FS*** Wow.. color me naive.. (thats what living on an island will do to you). Well in exchange for your patience listening to that BS, you can be the first to listen to my interview on http://www.webmasterradio.fm/episodes/index.php?showId=20
..when they upload the archive. I did the interview March 21st... should be archived soon. Free info.. no BS.

LIsa Smith

It's him. I can't believe this guy is still taking peoples money! I think he has personalized parking space at the FTC.

***FS*** Sigh.. more bad news.. sorry i posted it.

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