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March 06, 2007


Sahar Sarid

Great interview Franky, couldn't stop reading. Thanks!

***FS*** You are welcome ;)


Great interview - GeoSign is one of my favorite companies on the net [even where we compete] :)

Frank Michlick

Great interview Tim & Frank - did you actually hold it on the phone and type it up? And great news, too - congratulations to Geosign and American Capital.


Thanks for the plug, dude!

Colin Pape

Great interview Frank! Thanks so much for putting it together and posting it...

Geosign has definitely been an inspiration for me, and after reading this interview with Tim, it is even more so...

Thanks for the great advice Tim... Especially about believing in yourself and not listening to the experts... I find myself battling with this constantly, as I'm sure many other entrepreneurs do as well...

Looking forward to seeing what you are able to achieve - in both the domain and renewable energy fields...

Congratulations on putting together such an impressive company while still remaining humble and down-to-earth...

All the best,


Harvey Kaplan

It's refreshing to see a company with a variety of business models all working nicely together and making money!

This company is good for our business and it
helps give some insight to those of us that want to develop our businesses beyond simply parking our names.

Keep up the good work Tim!

Thank's for the great interview Frank.

Steve Morsa

Nice interview...great info and insight.

Thank you both for your time and effort.


"A large PE firm is not going to give 100M to a guy who works in his basement in his underwear no matter how clean their portfolio is."

What's so wrong about working in the basement in your underwear? As long as you have a great portfolio, as well as clean underwear (or visa versa as the case may be), I'm sure investors will still be interested, although it's probably wise to meet them in a suit the first time. :-) ...ps: Keep up the great blog Frank. Cheers

***FS*** working in my underwear right now.


Great interview and even greater advice, so truthfully and candidly disbursed.

Thanks for sharing it all, Tim and thanks for making the interview happen, Frank. (Not necessarily in that order :-))

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