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March 10, 2007


Sahar Sarid

How much are we betting? Land owners for the most part aren't developers.

***FS*** Say you have a portfolio of ten names dolphinpictures.com is a poster site with one staff member (15 types a day) renovation.com is a remodeling website that has 30 staff and then you have some varying degree in between with little type in traffic or lots and varying numbers of staff. People are going to need work and these are underdeveloped employment machines .. Ever domain with type-in traffic is like a store with targeted clientele walking in ready to buy each day.. you can't see at least one (on avrg.) employee at each?

Rob Sequin

Certainly a good sign for the domain and online business space.

How many small businesses are still not online? How many of the Internet generation kids will start an online business? How many people will start an online side business or hobby site?

One word answers all questions...MANY!

***FS*** I get the same thought flying out of Los Angeles on my way home to Cayman as I look out the window... So many people, so many businesses.. most of them offline.. so many cities like this on Earth.. so much opportunity.

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