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March 15, 2007


Rob Sequin

OUCH...again. More realty dish on the non-dot-com extensions.

No doubt you make a good argument for investing in the king of domain extensions but there must be some positive argument for all the rest of the domain extensions???

I guess part of the problem is that all the good real estate is taken and most of the owners aren't selling...Frank :-)

So, if we can't buy our way into a nicer neighborhood we have to buy into (hopefully) up and coming neighborhoods or build our own small business niche(s) and work hard to end up somewhere between the door and fish and chips folks.

With that said, I do take away your point.

Better to deal with quality rather than quantity, right?

***FS*** In the 1950's long after Manhattan's lower East side was built up Elliot Spitzers dad bought an old building, tore it down and built a tower.. Today he owns hundreds of millions (nearly a billion) in prime Manhattan real estate. Elliot's dad could have bought 100,000 acres in Montana in the 50's and today he'd still own 'that'. But it wouldn't be worth a billion. The End. :)

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