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March 29, 2007


Cameron Johnson

Frank, I have to chime in about DomainState and Paul C.in particular (though my love for Matty is long-standing and deep, and my sword-dueling with the other Paul always a learning experience ;)

I have known Paul a long time now, right back to when he and Matty and Snoop started their own revolution, threw off a dictator at DnForum and started what has turned out to be an oasis in the public board realm. These guys are not the usual propeller-headed power-trippers that pass for mods in the online world, but three very bright guys who make it a *pleasure* to be part of their world and its drama-free experience. Paul C. is their ringleader, the consistent and moderate force who never seems to misstep, never kisses any bottoms, but is also civil in all respects.

You can get into the domain business in March 2007 and land on Domainstate, post a stupid newb question, and Paul will answer it, ever patient, ever generous. Just a few weeks ago, Paul showed me a bump in revenue on a name that I had no clue how to optimize, and probably added a few hundred grand onto its value. Never asked anything in return.

It's just how he rolls.

Not to single out DnForum, because after all this is a business and Adam has done well with it, but that board, however valuable is an overwhelming beast that consumes way too much brain space and offers little thoughtfulness in return. It's the pit at the stock exchange whereas Domainstate is the brain trust.

I can't say enough about Paul C. The guy has helped me so much that I could hardly imagine being in this business without him. Paul is so fair that he's even spanked me for some board violations, and I thought I was immune (au contraire!).

Anyway, nice that you're saluting those guys. They've created something special over there.


***FS*** I've known Paul for years.. Over the years I would call him on Saturday or Sunday mornings and have long chats about the domain industry.. he is a giant with a decent soul to me. Such a great gent and consumate professional. He's a humanitarian.. an animal lover.. and a very private guy .. I *really* like Paul alot.

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