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March 13, 2007




As inspirational as always.

We've never met, but I can tell through your writings that you would've made a success out of whatever you went into...and lucky for the rest of us that you chose domains.

PS. Whens the book coming out?;-)


Hey Rick,

Thanks for your post! I'm not sure that you and Frank even realize how much we (fellow domainers) appreciate your thoughts and insights in the domain industry!

This goes to show you how powerful the internet is today. To put this into context 10-20 years ago, you couldn't even fathom that any old stock broker could be in correspondence with the Warren Buffets of the industry...asking questions, getting invaluable tips and opinions that could shape that industry....this is what we are getting via the blog right now.

Isn't the internet beautiful! And we all know that domain names serve as the entrance to the incredible tool.

Well, Frank and Rick....thanks again for your genuine and sincere efforts to help everyone else in the domain game. As always, I'll be on the lookout for more valuable posts int he future!

***FS*** Very kind of you to say sir .. just trying to help folks on their way.

Rob Sequin


Good advice about stopping to think and look around a bit. I am doing my income and expenses for 2006 today. Had a good year but also had a lot of expenses. I need stop and figure out how to raise income AND lower expenses thus increasing my net. I need to stop, think and do some planning.


Thanks for taking the time to post in this forum and give everyone a little insight into the possibilities that lie ahead. The future is bright for all and I want to just say thanks to Rick and Frank for adding your personal insights.


> Imagine getting a million qualified leads for $6 a year. Imagine
>that? They can’t!! But IMAGINE how it will change the landscape
>when they actually do figure it out?


***FS*** Oh brother.. is Verisign reading this blog?! I feel another price increase coming. :- /

Colin Pape

Fantastic post and great advice Rick... Thanks so much for taking the time!

You are so right about everyone needing to come to a stop before they can then start... I have realized this recently and after taking some time to focus on what it is I truly want, I have found it is infinitely easier to find the path of least resistance to achieve my goals...

It is so easy to let life take one where it may, to lose focus and to get stuck in the 'just one more (insert action here)' routine... Taking this route is the surest path to nowhere and sadly, is the way that most people live their lives...

I love your vision of domainers forming groups to share their expertise and help each other develop their properties... I think you are definitely onto something and would be interested in participating in such a group with anyone else who's interested...

You are a hell of a motivator (as are you and your beach view photo, Frank)... We are lucky to operate in an industry lead by those with true vision - the deeper I get, the more camaraderie I sense...

Looking forward to a prosperous and exciting 2007 for all of us!

Thanks again for your words of wisdom and to you Frank for bringing these amazing guest bloggers to us...

Someday soon I will be sitting on a beach sipping margaritas with you guys - I'll buy of course, as I owe you both big time for the inspiration! :)

Tia Wood

Frank, you've taken your blog and ran with it! You are providing great information. Thanks Rick for coming and speaking with us. It's made me think a lot and has confirmed my ideas in a sense. Hoping to meet everyone at your traffic forums one day!!

Jack Stone

Schwartz is generous in spending time to engage fellow domainers and help them. His advice about stopping and assessing your direction is so true, or you end up down the line buried some domain netherworld. And, his advice that your first domain is your most important could save you thousands of dollars in lame domain purchases. Advice from a true sage. Schwartz is a man to listen to - he is from the "old domain school".

I started domaining several months before Schwartz in 1995 (I was just a kid - 24 years old!), but I believe Schwartz had a stronger vision than I or most of my counterparts that were registering domains back then when they were FREE (Pre Sept. 1995)! Some of the domains I come accross that he registered in 1996 blow me away and I wish I followed his lead a bit more. Most of us (A handfull of folks!) were still scratching our heads while he was on a registering tear. We were sitting around contemplating : Do we buy domain sets in a category, singular or plural, adult domains or family domains, etc.... We got many good ones, but we should have been more agressive like Schwartz. That is why I listen to him today.

Folks laugh at the $200,000 for Flowers.mobi he spent (and the .mobi jury is still out), but you don't make the big money after everyone knows Flowers.mobi is worth something. Everyone laughed at us domainers from 1995 to 2000 and now look where we are! They said, "ha, ha, ha wait until the big corporations get involved. Your domains will then be worth crap, or they will just squash you with lawsuites, etc....)

So, here we are in 2007 and Schwartz still is a visionary. He could not be more right when we says we need to work together. And for more reasons than he mentions, because I am of the opinion the evil forces of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and other dubious third party interests will try to find a way to steal by theft, redirection, software, etc... our legitimate traffic or even domains now that true value has been established regarding direct navigation. As a team we will may be able to help thwart the attacks that are sure to come. If we can, as a group, get all of us over that "hill" that Schwartz speaks of we will all be better off as a group and better positioned to fight the attacks. We must help each other to help this industry survive and flourish, or we may be fighting the fights of our lives labeled as squaters, scum, etc.... once the big media gets involved. Remember they only like big headlines b/c that is what sells - not the real story!

BTW, this is an awesome blog Frank! The best one out there.


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