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March 23, 2007



I don't buy it for half a sec.

If he really was cheap, he woulda used something cheaper like PRWeb. Instead it has an LLC and what not?

The domain was also registered a while ago, and also proxied?

No thanks, it stinks.

Rob Sequin

How about this?

Give him the choice of a few good domains. Tell him to come up with his best business plan for the domain of his choice and give him a shot at developing it. If he doesn't know about developing, get him set up with some free blogging software and let him have at it.

You guys split the rev upon a certain milestone and he gets X% upon certain milestone.

Just a crazy thought but falls in there somewhere with give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats forever?

Might be more trouble than it's worth but it would make for an interesting social experiment.

***FS*** Indeed.. no good deed goes unpunished.. I would direct him to the forums at domainstate.com Is a good start.. You have to want to learn about this.

Johnny B. Good

Hey Frank - I confess: I was the guy on the grassy knoll. I sent Steve, two emails loaded with links to your article and all the resources we use - forums, blogs, tools, auction sites, etc... and I also sent him that awesome link you pointed out the other day titled: "How to Get Started as a Domainer" Avivadirectory.com/domain/

If Steve is the real deal, I can sympathize with that kind of despair, so pointing him in the right direction really is no skin off my back.

I told him I would call him next week after he has had a chance to take a look at the resources to see if he had any questions. So, he has a lot to soak up in a few days.

Regarding whether he can make it in this business: I told Steve it is very lucrative. I also told him that you can put some guys in the desert and they'll leave driving a Ferrari with a hot blonde at their side, others will die in their shoes in hot sun where they stand. Ok.... maybe I didn't say it just like that, but he got the point :)

***FS*** I sincerely wish him luck, but he needs to teach himself. If you don't love this business.. you won't stick with it. Love what you do and the money will follow.


This is what I would do on a low budget. Start a blog at blogger.com, and run adsense on your blog. This is all free. Steve could start a blog about his situation, his day to day life and trying to recover after a job loss. People love to read about true life situations, and may tune in to see how things go.

Sign up at social places like twitter.com and myspace.com. Make friends and network. Promote your blog, website, etc. This is all free.

Start a free forum at Ning.com This is free, but to take control over the ads costs $20/month, do it for free until your forum gets popular.

Go to Technorati.com and search for all the different blogs there to get some ideas on how to do it.

If you have lots of time and are low on money then you can get these things going right now. I've heard it said that your network = your net worth, so get networking.

Web 2.0 gives a lot of opportunity for social and business networking which is now easy to take advantage off, and it's still early. Frank just started his blog, and I even started one last month that deals with my 'normal' line of work.

Keep a foot in domaining, but while you are learning there you can be doing a blog, networking, and building up your online profile.

***FS*** This is outstanding advice Rob. Thanks sincerely for taking the time to share it .. really.


Thank you for all of your comments, positive and negative. I am not phishing and or have a confidence scheme going. This is true and yes I purchased domain names and hosting on or about 6/06 which I thought was a great deal, all on credit. And yes I am on Unemployment, which is running out. So for those of you who don't believe this is your perogitive! My name, address, phone number/house and cell were put in the press release which cost $399.00 on credit, the LLC cost $50.00 or so. Because this is what someone told me I should do. My e-mail. including everything else is there for anyone who wants to call, e-mail me, especially the ones who think this is a game. I am talking about my life and my families life. It is not just the money. But that is part of life. Feel free to e-mail me or call me. And a special thanks to the person who wrote me and told me about this site. I will not say her name because I do not know if she wants me to. Thank you to K. Hope to hear from you this week. I am just looking for help and trying to make a new beginning. Like I said before any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all, Steve

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