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March 16, 2007


Colin Pape

Pretty strange stuff, eh? Talk about a guilty conscience!

As a natural foodist who stays away from as many synthetics and preservatives as possible, this doesn't surprise me at all...

I have done some research on these types of concoctions (aspartame, et al) and have found them to be a major contributor to the poor health and new illnesses that many suffer from these days...

Switching back to sugar would definitely be a good decision (especially if it's not the processed white stuff)... :)

www.newstarget.com is a great source for information on healthy living and the crap being pushed out by the hyperglobalmegacorps (I am not affiliated with them in anyway - just enjoy their content)...

Thanks for picking this up Frank!

***FS*** Thanks to Sahar at http://www.conceptualist.com for giving me the idea to hunt for that particular piece! :)


Things that make you go hmmmmm ! I can say i will never use splenda again because of this

Sustainable is Good

Certainly an insight - good point Frank. That is one of the reasons I wrote the story it provided a rare look inside at a process to handle some negative PR that was cropping up on some websites. The forecast domain purchasing that took place as a result is fascinating! - rider


Wow. What next. Definitely I am back to sugar. Thanks for the heads up

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