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March 20, 2007


owen frager

some wisdom I learned a long time ago from Rick's Board:

"With Fab and Google dropping revenue and mergers and consolidations shifting power, this is the time for a leader to take bold moves and guide his sheep to gold

I agree with both of you. If everyone tries to make money doing what everyone else is doing, then the competition in that is extremely high.... and this can be precisely the time to do something different. This is especially true if you can learn something about that "different" area that other people do not."



As you say, we've all bought a few stinkers - but if there are degrees of 'wrongness', these are testing the limits of the scale!

I hope it clicks with this guy before he spends all he's got...



I think all readers here feel for this guy. This type of PR release was practically a daily phenomenon back in 1999-2000. I also started out registering concept 'gems' akin to these, 100 variations on a theme that I won't embarrass myself here by recalling! Several months and $3500 later, the proverbial finally hit the fan, and the realization dawned that the sagging mound I was sitting on wasn't a pile of gold after all! I can laugh about it now, but then again I wasn't an unemployed laborer with three kids pinning his entire hopes on that worthless pile. While it's always inspiring to read the great success stories, one is sobered a little reading about those that 'got' domains but just didn't 'get' the right ones. 'There but for the grace of God go I'.

***FS*** Very well said.. There but for the grace of God go "I" - too

Rob B

Reminds me of names I started off regging in 2000. The theme I chose was the coming "XM radio", I regged a tonne of XM .com names like countryxm, rapxm, rockxm, and so on. Wish I knew then what I know now, I always wonder what good names were still available to get for reg fee in 2000. Hopefully this person will do more research on domains and if he sticks with it will acquire better quality names. There are a few positive things going for him - he has a good attitude, he started his own company, he knows how to put out a press release online, he is getting into domains - he is getting it going and just needs to find the right direction. Some people will never even open up their minds to try something new. You never know what can happen in domains - Macau.com was apparently regged in only 2002 and sold last year for half a mil. There are still opportunities out there.


"Steven sold http://www.AnnaNicoleSmithTheBook.com for $2,850,000.00 on eBay, and then the bidder reneged."


Edwin Hayward

I guess many of us have "been there, done that" - I certainly left hundreds of "themed" domains on the cutting room floor that I was initially rather excited about...

But time marches on. What's different in 2007 to, say 1999, is the level of information out there if you only choose to search it out and read it. There are several popular, competing domain forums, all with "newbie" sections, plus endless guides pointing to the wrong/right way to choose domain names, plenty of media articles about type-in traffic etc.

So while the mistakes being repeated are still "understandable", they're less forgivable today than they were perhaps 5 or more years ago, and they will be progressively less forgivable as the average level of clued-in-ness across the industry rises. When you're operating seemingly in a near-vacuum, all you've got to go on is a hunch. But when there are blogs, forums, trade shows, media reports, sites, and even a magazine to guide you, ignorance is somehow that little bit less excusable!

***FS*** Very well said Edwin.


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