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April 02, 2007


Your loving wife ...

You just can't beat the weather, healthcare, flip flop lifestyle or mango mojitos.

Thanks for the Vitamin E oil babe (kiss, kiss). I love you.

xoxo m


Great Post !

Rob Sequin

Hey, I'm happy to say that I did what you say Ron suggested. My family took us kids to Cape Cod while we were growing up. I graduated from UCONN and drove to Cape Cod and haven't lived anywhere else for 22 years.

My wife was a friend since we were in high school (but never dated till she graduated college...go figure). Anyway, I had my share of odd jobs but always had the pleasure of Cape Cod with fishing, boating, golfing and going to the beach.

Now have a nice house one house off the golf course and five houses off a boating river.

Hopefully we'll move closer to both!

So, work at home domain business and living where I want to and will always live.

Yes, there is something nice about that but it's not easy. BUT, I get to live where I want to live and that is worth more than money.


Good advice. I am seriously thinking about it.



Thanks so much for sharing your experience. With this blog it's like you're a neighbor :)

You are really forcing me to think hard about what choices I want to make in my life. Right now there is enough cashflow in the business that I can live wherever I want. When I see fellow domainers living in exotic, interesting places I think to myself: "Hmmm...maybe I'm missing something here".

I think what I learned from your post is to listen to your gut and take chances in your life while you still can.

Thanks Buddy!


soon come

marcia lynn

great post franky :)

i met ron rice last summer when we interviewed him for our TV show -- he seemed every bit as personable as people say --- a very gracious, down-to-earth, nice guy who acts like any other local at the beach.

***FS*** Wow! Great story Marcia .. thanks!~


That's the spirit, Frank, great post! I think you should cc that to the local papers as well - I think, from time to time, people forget what a great place we live in here. Of course, I grew up here, travelled around a bit, and came back. No reason to leave!
But you know what really cracks me up about your little story? Guess who was sitting at the next table over from us a couple weeks ago at Papagallo? Robin Leach!!! Enjoying a little Cayman r&r himself!!

Jack Green

I've read your blog since day one and have been tempted to write but, this post has brought me out. We preach from the same hymn book Frank. We all, should feel so blessed to have the chance to wake up each morning and embrace what life has before us. Granted, there are many factors to assess while considering a move. I am in Grand Cayman twice a year and can understand the attraction - exclusive of the nonexistant personal income tax :) Will be back down there around the first week in May. How truly blessedd we really are my friend. How truly blessed.......


That's a ditto Frank on how nice it is to live in the tropics...and for six months a year (we're nearing the end of our season now) you become real good at weather watching: our Pacific island equivalent to your http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ Wicked Wind Blowin'? link is http://www.met.gov.fj/aifs_prods/20036.txt

Tia Wood

I'll have to agree with you. I used to live in Tampa, Florida. Now I live in Missouri and the change is relaxing and refreshing. I like being able to go out for a drive and not waiting 20 minutes for a spot to pull out in the road. :P


Since my toes finally thawed out after nearly two decades in the Chicago suburbs, I moved and moved again several times, but always within a driver and a 5-iron from a major resort. My career suffered but then again a career would have made me miserable. I did learn however that island (Hawaii) living was not for me. Nice place to visit but I'm a mainlander. But a mainlander that needs to live in places with incredible scenery.

Frank, there was something missing from your piece...photos. Anyway to show us your pad, view, pool, etc without invading your privacy?


OH...on second look, I just realized that was you in your pool. I thought it was a stock photo. Nice!


Great Post Frank,
I escaped, err.. moved away from Buffalo, NY where I was born & raised and where my family still resides. I didn't see a future or even optimism about the future there and decided I had to get out, early on.

Next month wil make 15 years in California -- LA & SF amazing places to live, which easily spoil you from moving to many other places. I daydream now of less people and a lower cost of living, but perhaps I'm not prepared to sacrafice my "California Dream" just yet.

Tia Wood

Hi Mrs. Schilling! *waves*


Family first, friends second. Infinity pools, mansions, beaches, and all of the luxuries don't mean much if you don't have family and friends to enjoy them with. I reckon many people stay put because of family and friends.

In 1997 I moved back to Illinois having lived in the caribbean (BVI) for close to a year. go figure

***FS*** The important thing Adam is that you're happy :) .. move to Fargo ND if it makes you happy. Illinois is pretty.

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