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April 12, 2007


Jeff M

Hello IDNs ;-)

***FS*** Ha! :))

Johhny B. Good

Your Quote: "As you get older I think you start to need less and most of us give up trying to be 'ballers' in favor of trying to simplify our lives."

Now, I'm stealing this line from the movie Fight Club, but it has always stuck with me: "Things you own, own you too".

I spent years around rich folks when I was much younger and found that many of these "ballers" spent all their time managing the pool guy, yard man, cars, boats even down to their carpet - keeping everything clean and perfect. It becomes a madness/obsession for some (Oh no! - Another leaf fell in pool, kind of mentallity). I learned that most of these guys were miserable folks. It appeared the "management" of their possessions was making them unhappy and most of them did not even seem to know that was the main reason they were unhappy. Although....there always were those pecular rich guys that managed things and were able to relax and be happy too.

What these "stressed-out rich guys" needed was life simplification. There is nothing like the feeling of having a lot of money and few obligations. You can then go fishing any time you want, any place in the world, with no worries!

Sorry, I realize I went off on a tangent from the main subject a bit, but the simplification part of life you speak of I can definitely relate to. Life is more fun living simple without things that constantly need attention, IMO.

***FS*** I totally agree with you. and this is a good tangent if it helps those who are inclined to go in the way that you describe.

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