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April 16, 2007



When I type in food.xom or car.xom into my broswer (which is IE), it takes me to Google search results. I also have Google toolbar installed. Google toolbar must have some way to disable the IE function for search errors. I would have thought I would end up at an MSN site.

***FS*** Each user's browser settings are unique but the important point I'm trying to touch on is" "That's Cybersquatting" too. Just because Google and Microsoft are "useful" shouldn't entitle them to take over traffic that is clearly intended for another. The biggest brands in the world are loosing up to 8% of their type in traffic to errors to the right of the dot (my estimate). Live.com isn't the number 3 site on the net because everyone loves live.com


For a variation on a theme, perhaps try typing in google.cm and see what happens. Then take a spin with nameadministration.cm as well. Try a few more .cm at random. Well, I guess it is typosquatting and not to be condoned but I can't help but take my hat off to the brains behind the idea to co-opt the Cameroonians. It's the type of thing that makes people say 'why didn't I think of that'. It just shows you don't have to be an evil genius to do this (a la the guys down the road at Redmond), just a very smart operator.

***FS*** You're right .. others can play in that game too .om, .co .. four wrongs don't make a right tho :)

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