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April 15, 2007



No question....everyone seeks to protect their own little racket. Like a lot of these parking programs that give the bull that they give you a 50-60-70 or whatever per cent payout. Newcomers say "wow....what a deal". Nonsense. That is for the people that don't understand the game. After they front load it you get pennies. Sort of like Hollywood accounting.

I wouldn't trust these theives for a nanno second. Either set up your own parking program, cut a separate deal directly, or go straight to the advertiser.

Yoni B

The adsense calculation may differ slightly, but this is not really a surprise. When you signup for Google's AFD, in your contract you agree for 15% "account management fee" and from then on its split 50-50, meaning you get 42.5% of the revenue. This of course will vary as once you bring in significant traffic, they will try harder to keep you. However, you are more likely getting a higher rev. share from Google indirectly (through DomainSponsor, for example) rather than on your own.

***FS*** Google doesn't really want alot of partners IMO.. It's alot less work to deal with one domainsponsor.com partner than hundreds of little guys. It makes the industry easier to control and is almost worth the cost of increased revshare. But the next guy to create a new leg in the stool and aggregate the hundreds of diverse interests within this industry has just as much chance as DS


Interesting and well written.

How long before more and more or many advertisers start contacting the website owners and domain name owners directly? In a limited way, Adbrite allows for this already, thou i can't remember their rev share. I'll guess there's a bunch of others out there or in stealth mode.

Another layer of black boxedness/secrecy after google and yahoo, is companies like TrafficZ and Domain Sponsor, etc, though they may be, or likely are, somewhat constrained by the TOS's of their respective feeds.

I like the pics you put up.
You must be busy running around with your camera, finding old cars and dressing people up.


The discussion is about an adsense for content, not adsense for domains.

***FS*** Thanks snoop.. point taken..


Frank --
The problem is that a company like Sendori simply grabs offers off of a cpa network and redirects traffic. While this does work ok for certain niche markets in certain specific areas (A dating offer in the US would be a good one where there are 30 CPA advertisers on one network for that category) you have to realize that if you have a guy in Brazil looking for a fishing lure Google is going to be about the only game in town, short of you going out and finding an advertiser that is willing to buy leads, or clicks in Brazil for a fishing lure. Using the CPA networks existing advertisers to cut Google / Yahoo out of the mix is a good idea, and one that is already integrated into one of the parking companies, but at this point you pretty much have to backfill with Google or Yahoo to fill the huge gap between the 800 (on average, including multiple offers per category) advertisers that are on the CPA networks, and the ~200K advertisers on Google. --

Also as far as AFD goes, companies like Sedo get much higher rev-shares. You are rewarded with high clicks and high quality, which is why companies like NameMedia has multiple feeds (keep the crappy traffic on one and put the good traffic on another, although I hear they have a problem figuring out what traffic is good).

Brook --
Pretty bold words. Only a select few domainers have been able to successfully setup and run a parking service that can monetize as well as the big parking companies and most of them were around before the parking companies (Frank, Scott, etc..). Short of getting an AFD feed and using the standard algo (NameDrive) it is not as simple as you think. Some of these parking companies actually do a lot of work, have a lot of technology and have spent a lot of time figuring out the best mothod to generate the highest revenue on a per domain basis especially the ones that are not using standard 1 click AFD feeds.

Crystal L. Cox

Brooks, great comment, I know somebody is making money off of my domain names and its not me, I have 6000 names parked at Trafficz and do not make more than $10 a day on average, I get the traffic, but I guess not the click through, and then take money away if the deem it not quality clicks, sometime more than once. How do I set up my own parking company ?

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