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April 07, 2007


aaron wall

Thanks for the mention Frank :)

I think this is part of the reason it is nice to own a few well trusted domains (trusted in search engines) that are broad in nature.

You can write a quick post about topic x or y, and if your site is well trusted, you will rank for it quickly at minimal ongoing cost.

***FS*** really good point .. thank-you Aaron

Jeff Burkey

"That said, new vernacular is constantly being created."

I believe this is what makes domain speculation so interesting. The ability to buy direct, at very little cost, what has the potential to be the next big trend.

Rob Sequin

I own RFIDtags.net, RFIDtags.org, DualModePhones.com and HandheldSatelliteRadio.com.

Do those count :-)

***FS*** Yes they do :))

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