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April 16, 2007



I'd rather start a class-action lawsuit againts M$ for squatting the entire unregged domainspace and the .com extension mistypes.

***FS*** You know... they probably get maore traffic than all .copm .xom domain name mistypes than every single 'cybersquatter' in the world (combined).

Victor Edinian

Great article, but scary results. Next they will want to regulate hyphened vs. non-hyphen domains. Let free trade rule.


That's what I think too, this is why I find it amazing that they get away with it, and even get publicly known for pursuing typosquatters, while some legitimate domainers are wrongfully labelled squatters.

I cannot grasp why there is no organized effort within the domain community to go after them.

***FS*** IMO there will be a class action once enough public co's who figure a good way to bring it on behalf of their shareholders.


found another one http://www.domainscrub.com which finds the typos and is free

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