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April 16, 2007


Ravi Venkatraman

The Indian language web address (IDN) does exist in .com and .net extensions. But hardly gets any traffic, except from occasional domainers.
Even the ascii .IN hardly receive any type-in traffic.
The .co.in (the extension used by Indian businesses for years) does receive better type-in traffic.
The Indian Internet Advertising market was $70 million in 2006, but will continue to grow in double digits (20 - 25%).
Since I understand the Indian market, I have invested in the Indian domains for long term gain.
Currently, it's my 2nd & 3rd tier US related Financial & Shopping related .com domains that generate good revenue.

***FS*** I think you'll do fine with those Ravi .. purpose of this piece was to illustrate the tenor of changing times online as governments and those running TLD platforms try to steer people to do things in a different way, with renewed vigor.



I have been reading your blog daily and I have to admit you have surely done a great job in distracting me from my work! (in a good way, so thank you!)

I have been investing in sub-indian market (pakistan, india, bangladesh, sri lanka)

The main goal of educational institutions in those countries is to further the knowledge via English as primary language. I have friends, cousins, family who I consult on weekly basis (mostly from pakistan and india) and they visit Cyber Cafes' (we call them internet cafes) and they do confirm that folks there do search in english, read the news in english, chat with friends overseas most often in english. I do think sometimes though if that is because of lack of alternatives or options. But then maybe not, as the young crowd prefers to communicate in hindlish (combination of the sentence in hindi and english)

In my opinion I can see the .in contiously picking up pace rather than .in or .com

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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