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April 18, 2007


Hairy Ape Like Creature


Just another bunch of indistinguished latecomers, who want to believe they are reiventing the Internet by having line of credit and generic template as their corporate web site.

***FS*** I have some insight into this company.. these are the biggest old school domainers you've never heard of. I expect some 'special circumstances' to make this particular enterprise shine in a way that no other (in domains) has previously shone. These guys are going to grow bigger than Marchex, Name Media, and Demand Media "combined", as a result of some very unique machinations .. jmo


I think Hairy Ape must be the agent provocateur of this blog (I guess every blog needs one!). I almost chocked on my cornflakes when I saw these guys referred to as "indistinguished latecomers". If the Ape only knew the facts.


Nice domain name. But have to agree with Hairy Ape's comment.

***FS*** Give them 7 months .. watch what happens :)


Darn, beat.com used to be mine :(


What's up Frank --

I can see why Basicity 'bout choked on that cereal regarding the Hairy Ape's comments... let me help educate the fella.. Kevin Ham was a top drop catcher for a while back in the day with his scripts and got tons of great names at registration prices long before sn/pool/enom/namewinner came in and changed the game. Man, those were the days huh!??! :) GOOD TIMES!

Its pretty cool to see Kevin take things to the next level for us domainers by reaching beyond the stagnant PPC world and into the world of Media. Personally, he's been a great friend over the past 7 year I've know him. This guy is really sharp and the direction he is heading with Reinvent is the right one. That's where all this is going people.. media rich sites that'll compound value to already premium generic domains, while enhancing overall end user experiences to keep 'em coming back. Can't wait to check it out...



All I know is that those are some beautiful domains they have declared...



Reinvent.com aka VerticalAxis aka DomainDeluxe aka nameview aka...


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You will not be dissapointed.

Well, I'm a bit disappointed that a company which is going to be "huge" can't employ a decent copywriter and/or spellchecker. Because someone needs to can whoever put their own content together on the site (unless it was, as is likely, the CEO!)

***FS*** Touche'


Looking at some of their domains portfolio those guys seems to know what they are doing , although their site does not real show what their what to do with that company but I can tell their not latecomers at all


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Hairy Ape Like Creature

Wow, so is it "special circumstances" and "unique machinations" that will get them break through the clutter, or the strength of their own apparent "vision" (buying strong keyword domains for end-user prices) which doesn't seem terribly original anymore?

But I do believe in your belief Frank (unless your belief is based on hometurf bias since they too are from Vancouver :), and that's why I come here after all. To be enlightened.

***FS*** You're right to be a skeptic Ape.. The dynamic here is different than at other domain houses. They are playing for keeps.

Hairy Ape Like Creature

RE: Reinvent.com aka VerticalAxis aka DomainDeluxe aka nameview aka...

Oh I see, now it does become more clear.

And yes, they do have terrible spellings and small illogicalities (on their site) that are sore on the trained eyes. They don't do do things uniformly accross the board. (eg. they properly capitalize two-word domains like DigitalCamera.com and TheHistory.com, but they don't do it for others names: Cellularphones.com, Cheaptravel.com, Hotsprings.com, Visionstatements.com etc. It might not be a big deal to regular Joe", but those small details are magnified when one seeks a higher profile.)

If they need help, they can hire me, but I don't come cheap :)

And they are by no means the only one guilty of similar things. What I am trying to is that lots of these domain indviduals/companies seem strong in their core efforts, but terrible in overall presentations and marketing of their own properties.

And they are so terribly unoriginal. Just because you put a "new agey" stock photo on your site, it doesn't mean you speak a"new language". In fact you're only proving you can't think outside of current "new media" norms, and that you're just another copycat of another copycat.

Just tryin' to be helpful as well.

***FS*** You should put in a resume Ape .. serious serious.


Imo, there's always a mysterious sauce connected to a great content site.

There's plenty of good content sites.

How many great content sites are there? And can that kind of momentum be sustained over a number of years.
Not easy, imo.

These guys at reinvent might have the mysterious sauce,... or not. It will only becoming apparent after they are live for 6-12 months.

The sauce isn't the same as the machinations, domains, type in traffic, and sizable budgets.
In a way, the sauce can get messed up or obscured by those things.

Imo, creative intelligence points to it.

Tabula Raza.

Ben Wilks

Hi Frank,

Really enjoying your blog mate, thought provoking and I have learnt a lot about domaining and how some of you guys think (it's damn refreshing). I bet your glad you started blogging! you stand to get the most from it (I'm sure you are already).

Re: Reinvent. I noticed they had a position advertised for SEM, they should change that to SEO and set up the reinvent domain properly. Also some basic errors as noticed already.

My jaw drops to see all these domains forwarding to parking pages and missing all the money on the table search engine wise. If search engine's ever really catch on to only ranking sites with links in the 'deep web' (old links) I can see a missed opp there too. They should employ someone that know's SEO sideways and really create some revenue.

My domaining model basically revolves around SE's and I am gleaning tit bits to move to some more generic domains while busting my bum for some cashflow. I am listening Frank and it's really helping me out. Thanks Mate, I read you stuff daily and love your attitiude. Nice going! Noticed the link to Aaron as well.

If you ever need an opinion from an seo with a very unique perspective, hit me up anytime. It would be an honor to help out. Seriously.


the guys from *anything*.cm aka HitFarm.

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