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April 30, 2007


Tia Wood

Good answer.

However, how will these records hold up in court? For example, what if I were apart of a class action lawsuit against RegisterFly or ICANN due to lost domains, how could I prove that my domains were mine? Would screenshots/emails/etc hold up in court? My concern is that these things can be faked. Let's say I had a valuable domain. What's to stop someone else from creating fake screenshots/emails who happens to get there before I do?

***FS*** If it were an independent third party providing the evidence and they are a recognized being in the business of recordkeeping, then I think those shots would hold up.. but to what end? If you go through the acrimony of a trial and the registrar said: "You agreed to our terms of service, which says we owe you nothing in the event of catastrophic loss".. then its all for nothing anyway.

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