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April 27, 2007



Eventually, the music will have to stop, but even today the RegisterFly site itself shows no sign of any of the ongoing issues that are currently being resolved. At "face value" it's business as usual at RegisterFly. Hopefully this new action by ICANN will be the final prod needed to get the situation resolved.



SevenMile is addictive.

Thanks for sharing about RobotReplay....wow!!

Your writings will live on for centuries.

Frank, you make MicroPersuasion look like outdated roadkill.


P.S. Please rethink MOBI. ing.mobi & DeutscheBank.mobi launched. Webdesigner friends at Sapient have told me to watch for many more Fortune 1000 brands launching MOBI sites from their outfit this year.

***FS*** I always try to keep open minded.. I saw a lot of guys registering .mobi searchterms that are obvious traffic plays.. there will be no traffic at those plays and I didn't want to cheerlead the space because I don't want people to get hurt. There won't be any traffic/revenue there for a long time.. but I will totally keep an open mind and promises to admit I was wrong if I am on this.

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