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April 27, 2007



It would be something of a can of worms deciding exactly which typos made the cut (they have to be "unambiguous" for a start i.e. something that's one letter away from two different TLDs/ccTLDs can't be used for typo resolution), but couldn't the .xom etc. simply be caught and seamlessly mapped to .com at the root nameservers?

So the extension is never "launched" in a commercial sense (i.e. ".xom" names will never be made available for sale), it's just activated as a public service and bingo every domain owner gets (some of? most of?) this type of typo traffic back.

If the .com domain doesn't exist, then typing nonexistentname.xom won't matter since the remap will happen first then the mechanisms for handling a non-existent .com lookup attempt take over.

Do that, and ICANN and their registry partners get to look like real heroes for a change...

***FS*** Could but never 'would' happen imo Edwin.. ICANN needs money.. this product is like selling water in the desert... too many politics to get traction without a registry of some kind profiting and pushing the concept. What an easy registry to run though.. no whois.. just on-off switches

Tia Wood

Just seems like both parties are doing the same thing and pointing fingers at each other. I hate it how Microsoft goes after the cybersquatters yet, Microsoft is the biggest cybersquatter of them all!!!

Christopher Ambler

Okay, Frank, you're getting a blogged response to this today :-)

***FS*** .webb :))

David Wrixon (aka Rubber Duck)


This could easily be done as an extension of DNAME mapping, if and when DNAME ever gets here!

***FS*** Agree totally.. wish it would happen.. But think political-strife and think money.. ICANN needs less of the former and more of the latter. Most would gladly pay to ensure this "found traffic." hmmm think of all the IDN variants they could correct to help surfers.

Christopher Ambler

.Webb? Isn't he a congresscritter now? :-)

I've blogged you a response - http://www.ambler.net


You forget that those that type in shodow domains correct their mistake and ultimately go to their intended site. Are you blind?

***FS*** yes.. MSFT / GOOG are making nothing on this and redirecting everything perfectly out of the goodness of their heart.. nothing to see here.. move along .. "NOT"..not in most browsers" ..

David Wrixon (aka Rubber Duck)

Oh! On DNAME, I came across these overlooked statements today:

Transcript - SSAC Open Meeting

28 March 2007

>>BILL MANNING: Okay. So all of my Web audience...

The answer to the question is that the -- all of the root name servers are running software which supports DNAME without trouble today. If we were asked to support DNAME for whatever reason, that would not be an issue.

>>BILL MANNING: Okay. The IANA general manager asked the question: You mean NSD supports DNAME, and he's referring to a specific DNS software implementation. The answer is: We have been told yes.


Well I'm calling first dibs on xe.xom

i've lost count the number of times i've mistyped that one.

***FS*** funny!


--- 5 years ago I started buying search engine data ----

How did you acquire that ?

***FS*** I actually bought some from wordtracker.com in 1999 so I guess that's 8 years ago


"Qhoute: When you type those "shadow domain extensions" in your address bar, the browser will take that traffic away by redirecting it to paid search pages of their own,"

YOU probably have a tool bar installed in your browser. Its called BHO - Browser "helper" Object -- I cannot replicate your problem in browsers IE7 and Moz for a clean installed system.

***FS*** I set up my browser the way 88% of the surfing public does so I can share their experience.. ie7 with no change from default settings.. 88% of global internet traffic will see what I do within a year.. ie6 was the same.

Paul anderson

CM domains is no longer active. The .CM domains do not redirect to a Hitfarm parking page anymore.

***FS*** But the traffic still exists.. so now it fails over to your ISP or Browser where it ultimately winds up in the same ad market Kevin sold it to. Better for somebody to create the domain .cm and plumb that traffci to it's rightful owner.. Owner happy to pay, ICANN needs the money.

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