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April 07, 2007


Frank Michlick

Thanks for the link Frank. I was also going to include the piece on the default search for failed domain lookups as well, but the article was already long enough, so I deleted it for now and was saving it for another post.



Enjoyed the blogs and your analysis. The Domainer has oftentimes been an "Invisible Man". The sentence that stood out most with me is "As web development starts to turn inactive domains into useful sites, a great sea-change is going to occur." I am and have developed my many of my domain names to provide useful information and I try to make it better than what is out there. I have said that if I am ignored by the search engines, then the search engines are not that good (and I am applying basic Google SEO recommendations for the most part). I am not ignored, but my ccTLD's (.us) seem to be ignored by Mr. Googlechev.

As was said 20 years ago:

"Mr. Googlechev, tear down this wall!" - June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan


***FS*** That is honestly one of the best comments I have ever had (if not the best).. it so perfectly speaks to the injustice. I am going to rename this post.

Richard Ball

Frank, Have a Happy Easter! I'll have some interesting PPC data for you in a few days regarding your webhealth.com experiment. I'm aware that I don't understand it. That's why I ask questions. ;-)

***FS*** Thanks Richard :)) I think SEO guys ultimately want the exact same thing as domain guys... relevant content for users (a great end-user experience) and the opportunity to make a living serving that visitor the content they desire. In the final analysis its the same thing the engines want. The best domainers are not 'gamers' they are highbrow operators with altruistic motives who have invested hundreds of thousand or tens of millions developing their enterprise. The difference betw. SEO folks and domainers is: SEO folks view things through the "how can i get traffic from the search engine" optic. Domainers say.. How can I get the visitors directly to "my site" irrespective of the engine. We don't want the engine to deliberately block us... we don't necessarily want extra traffic either.. nice to have.. but not necessary. This post was more to rail against the deliberate blocking. I'll explain more on the webhealth thing later. Thanks again.

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