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April 29, 2007



Couldn't Microsoft throw an Alexa clone into IE and get results that were worlds more accurate -- plus, for one of the first times, do something on the Internet that truly was far better than what they were copying?

***FS*** You know, that has 'always' puzzled me. Verisign could do it too from the DNS level.. VRSN knows the actual traffic on everything.. I just don't get it.


>VRSN knows the actual traffic on everything.. I just don't get it.

They know the traffic on non-existing domains, but correct results are cached thoughout the DNS - a DNS query for google.com or yahoo.com seldom makes it to one of Verisign's com zone servers - it's answered by the user's own machine (local cache) or the ISP's DNS cache.

If every query DID make it through to Verisign , they might actually have an excuse for a price rise! But they don't.

***FS*** true true Drew.. what about the A root.. couldn't they count at the root? Some percentage must fail-over?

David Wrixon (aka Rubber Duck)

There are certainly issues with Alexa in terms of producing representative results outside the USA.

If you want proof of how US centric Alexa is, then go to the foreign lanuage pages on their website.

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