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April 30, 2007


Raymond Hackney

Well Frank after all our .tv talk its nice to see give the ext a little press. Cnet will not be the big winner Rosenblatt will.

In a sense I don't want this to be too hypeish as the premiums were available before and last year from )Ct to Dec 06 you could get 70% off from Verisign before premiums were taken off the market 12/12/06.

Interesting that Games.tv which had a price tag of $250,000 was regged in March and It now points to Grab.com which uses domain privacy but through research I found Grab.com is owned by RosenBlatt's former company Intermix which sold MySpace to Murdoch.

SO Frank you going to take any ? Some .tv get traffic

I had another thing for you along the lines of your great post on xom nert and orf what about .tc a typo for .tv do you think cctlds can act the same way? I mean not to the level of traffic but I would think for popular ones they might get a little traffic on the cc typo


Christopher Ambler

You will never see ICANN introduce a 2-letter TLD that is not on the ISO country code list.

Just saying :-)


Any idea what the list of names will be? I haven't seen that anywhere, and I'm curious. I'm not convinced they will be worth the $100, but hey, I'm new to the industry. Hence the reason I want to see the list first.

Rob Sequin


I'm a big fan of .tv and have not once thought of typing in tv.com so I guess I don't agree that cnet will see any side benefit by the new interest in .tv.

If you want to read more about .tv, I interviewed the VP Marketing to get info on the premium names and .tv tools at http://Exclusively.tv

Hope it's not too self promotional but here's an excerpt

"All 53,000 Premium Names that have been off the market for close to five months will be available for registration beginning at 1pm Pacific time (4pm Eastern) on Tuesday May 1. Go to DomainsInDemand.tv to register Premium Names. Please note that Verisign is responsible for setting the prices of Premium dot tv domain names and not enom.tv or Demand Media."

Bradford Hines


The .tv "rush" was interesting today. They jerked us around a bit, first the release was going to be within half an hour of 1pm pacific time, later an enom rep confessed it would happen at 2pm "give or take".

I figured out twenty minutes before, that the prices of the respective domains was revelead by the number in the URL going to where the order form was going to appear. This helped me pre-decide what to go for and stick with. I snagged catholic.tv for $2000 and sexuality.tv for $500.

It would be interesting to find out how many folks like myself sat there refreshing there browsers, and also if anyone snagged the half a million dollar names like business.tv and films.tv. Enom did very well today no doubt. I

I'm with you on the valuation of them, I think they are speculative and poor for development. I simply hope to flip what I bought. Do you own any at all?

-Brad Hines
Yum Domains

ps. Names like frank.tv were $1000-5000. My own was $500.00, I left it on the table, i'm no tv man.

***FS*** Not a one sir.. I sincerely wish those who bought them the best of luck though.. and you're right on both coulds.. verisign/enom won today and there might be some opportunities for a flipper upper.

owen frager

No actually Apple will be the big winner. They've got the production side of consumer TV locked with camera-ready PCs that work on duo-core MAC or Windows platforms, and 600K subsribers generating $1 billion a year as sub-domains tenants of mac.com. THEY should buy TV.com and DM will be toast. But they are probably part of DM's secret sauce. I can't imagine anyone else behind the curtain.

owen frager

Here's a question for you Frank:
What happens in the case of Mobile TV? One of the biggest Hollywood producers is a company called mobitv.com? Should they be mobi.tv, mobile.tv, tv.mobi, mobiletv.com?

How will consumers know what to do and where to go?

Interesting when I see a Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Microsoft, Apple, Intel or AOL ad or hear it discussed on TV- the extension is never mentioned. Everyone knows where to find them.



You don't own one .TV?? What about a little diversification??

With video on the net all the rage, do you think people will still associate .TV with Tuvalu??

I own IT.TV and EDUCATION.TV aswell as IPO.TV and VID.TV.......if .TV takes off in a major way, I should be able to retire off these names. If not, then there is always development.

With Google favoring keywords above all else , getting to page one of google will be the secret to .TVs success.....Google will not care about the extension....

For a full exclusive in depth interview with Quinn Daly of Demand Media answering some very tough questions, check out my interview at www.allthings.tv.....

Raymond Hackney

to joe axx hxxx I mean joe schmoe it is the name of a group and a blog and no I don't call myself a domainer moron ..Frank that you allow such posts like that is highly despicable IMO

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