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May 06, 2007



Frank - I thought your business revolved around ppc as opposed to developing or selling domains?
If so, you are not likely to develop snoringcure.com to make a profit on your $8000.
Or have I misunderstood?

***FS*** Everything is in development.. it's just happy coincidence that the best names to develop also bring a trickle of PPC revenues. In this case, the intrinsic value of a name as a brandable site, as a tool for buying traffic from search engines far and away eclipses what I can make selling PPC right now.

John Cronin


Domain name newbie from UK here & a regular reader of your blog.

What volume of typed-in traffic would you expect for that domain name? What's so good about that domain name that prompts you to pay 8K? Why not develop a new snoring related domain name and save the 8K? I presume I'm missing something here!


***FS*** Just a trickle John.. its about the intrinsic value of the name.

Business Card Guru

$8,000 could really be a fair price if you take the revenue that could come of it in let's say 5 year period.
There are probably a billion if not more people with snoring problems. And I'm sure that cures for this aren't too cheap. A huge potential market and expensive products... I don't think it would take 120 years to earn those $8,000 back.
English isn't my native language, so excuse me if this sounds stupid... but did you buy this name and what was the point you tried to make in the end?

***FS*** No your English is fine.. multiples are maleable

Dean Phillips

Frank, what are your thoughts about highly-descriptive three-word generic .coms, given that you mentioned lower PPC names often are very developable. Do you own many/any currently?

For Example:


Do you see increasing value in these generics, IYO?

P.S. I was on Grand Cayman recently snorkling Hamburger Reef and thought about you working there. Coffee "on me" next time!

***FS*** I like compound search phrases providing they have a high overture style rank apart.. Reason? If people are searching for the phrase as a part of common vernacular via the engines, then it's possible to harvest those visits from the engines via arbitrage or paid search plays. Also the sitres are more recognizable to the average surfer as a common phrase they are "looking for anyway".. That said.. I also like memorable multi word strings if they are catchy and have resonance: seewhathappens.com <-- recent superbowl commercial.


Same outlook for longer famous phrases?

> reportsofmydeath.com


SinusWorld.com is dropping soon... who could've smelled that one coming?

David Wrixon %2

Does it not therefore make sense to apply the same rationale to solid IDN names in major languages?

Should these too not be judged merely on the basis of weak traffic, due to poor browser support, but more on the intrinsic value of the names?

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