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May 03, 2007


Raymond Hackney

Old news that story has been known for a long time. Bith New Zealand and Australia have agreed to take Tuvaluans if and when that would happen. Verisign has already stated as that they own .tv corp the .tv ext would either become a gtld or tuvalu may still maintain some time of distinction and collect income to pay their freight in New Zealand Or Australia


I fear it all may happen even sooner than expected.

Last study shows the Artic will be completely free of sea ice in Summer by 2020. Prior studies estimated 2050. A HUGE difference.

That puts more heat into the artic ocean (no ice reflecting the suns rays back through the atmosphere) and thus more pressure on Greenland's land bound ice - which is what is the big worry for Tuvalu - and Caymans :^(.

***FS*** Cancun too Drew :-/


A summer sea route through the Artic (expected to be available very shortly - the US Navy is already building the extra boats it will need to patrol it) makes it faster for container ships to go via there to the East coast of the USA rather than through the Panama Canal, which makes you wonder why Panama is about to spend billions of dollars widening the Canal when it will end up being used less.


Australia might have too many problems of it's own to worry about taking the Tuvaluans on board.

Sound's like Canada's gonna be the place to be.

Shudder. :^)

***FS*** Literally!~ .. its cold up there. :- /


Doh. I missed the link...


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