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May 09, 2007



Not a HUGE fan of American cars, but one I would be happy to park in my garage is a '69 Charger. Especially if it was lime green or "statutory grape".


np Frank. I love the "classics" too.
Here's the buyers ebay "about me" page:

and the original auciton page:


Scott Fish

Dang... well with the way that blackstone's funds have been doing, It wouldn't surprise me if it were one of their Fund managers. :)

***FS*** I wonder if Tom Wopat can get anything for his Kia? ;)

Steve M.

Looks like the "sale" is not so much.

Local paper reports this morning that the "buyer" backed out...and that Tom (who lives in my area) plans on suing the guy (good luck w/that): http://www.venturacountystar.com/news/2007/may/09/no-headline---nb1bottomfeeder09ec/

Anything over 1 mill is sooooo over priced.

Mark J

Mark J: Is this hyperinflation or just a shrewd investment?

Ha! When I first saw the headline and your comment to me I thought you were about to tell me "GeneralLee.COM" sold for 10M or something.

I woulda hit the roof.

***FS*** Not as bad as if you had just sold GeneralLeee.com for 2 thousand bucks Mark. :0)

Eric D

For sure! I still remember the exact instant that I saw the Dukes of Hazzard for the first time – I was like “What was that show!!!” ahh the jumps and the wicked burn outs on gravel! That is when I learned how to read the TV Times – got it out and begged my mother to explain to me what it was and how I can see this magical show again. Because of the show I destroyed a bunch of tires on my TCR Slot Car set – put Vaseline on the track and sit there and do burn outs all day long! The tires did not die because of the burn outs – nope the Vaseline did something whacky so that the tires would not stay on. I think I still smoke the tires because of that show!!!

“Bunch of good ole boys!”



***FS*** Glad it wasn't just me .. TV is dying because nobody makes groundbreaking shows like the 'Dukes of Hazard' or 'Baywatch' anymore. Ok, I can't believe I just wrote that. :)


Will be interesting to see what will happen to Mr William Fisher as Schneider has lodged a formal complaint with eBay and a spokesman for the actor said he was "looking into his options".

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Sahar Sarid


"The winning bidder, William Fisher, maintained that someone else placed the bids in his name after gaining access to his eBay account.

"Of course I have no plans to pay, because I didn't place the bid," an individual claiming to be Fisher wrote Thursday in an e-mail to CNNMoney.com. "I just want this to all blow over, which I'm sure it will."

***FS*** Que the banjo music.

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