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May 20, 2007


Heather Paquinas

Can't they give that forum an rss feed? sheesh, I don't read forums without one.

***FS*** I'm sure somebody is listening.

David Wrixon (aka Rubber Duck)

Wouldn't wish to belittle Ron because he has created a very popular resource, but Namepros.com in my view is more about numbers than weight. If you are looking for shear numbers on a domaining platform I believe that domains.cn is now actually bigger in terms of numbers of subscribers. They boast 65023 Members to the 56,835 claimed at Namepros.

***FS*** Wow thanks for that addtl. info.

owen frager

Thanks for reminding me of the forum. I learned something new there today:

"The three-storey government building that houses Falefou's office is perhaps the country's highest structure. With sea levels theoretically creeping higher, few on sleepy Funafuti, whose typical width from lagoon to sea is often less than that of a football field, care to imagine the future. But equally unimaginable is a source of funds due to a quirk brought about by a pair of letters.

Though the non-profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) places .com and .net as the top domains of the over 80 million across the Internet - with .tv not even ranking in the first six slots - VeriSign has told Tuvalu that .tv is becoming more popular.

But negotiations have been hampered on two fronts: one, a lack of transparency on the part of VeriSign doesn't not allow Tuvalu to scrutinize the revenue figures, and two, Tuvalu, a nation of marine-based subsistence living separated from Fiji by a two-hour plane ride, doesn't have the technical expertise to actually understand the potential revenue generated by .tv.

Another issue is that Tuvalu is a colonized (strongly) Christian nation and church leaders preach, and campaign, to end the .TV deal... saying its a sin to profit from the porn filled internet."


Problem with those popular forums is you have to go through pile of sh*t to find something good. Always repeating topics for years with same quesitons and content: "How to make money on domains ?", "Did xy sent already last month payment ?", "Who is best parking company ?", "XY cancelled my account without reason", "IDN is best", ".mobi is best"...

***FS*** Ha ha.. you've been in this business too long.. :))


>>> I believe that domains.cn is now actually bigger in terms of numbers of subscribers. <<<

I don't find a forum. It's just a domain registration site.

David Wrixon


You are going to need a bit more tenacity than that to make out in the domaining World.

Third Tab from Right - Language Simplified Chinese.

OK, just this once I will do it for you, and guess what I push you through the Auto Translator as well.



Wrixon Rubber Duck IDN guy - originally you wrote domains.cn, now in your sarcastic remark you use domain.cn, so next time use your sarcasms against yourselevs (hint for your rubber duck head: domains.cn versus domain.cn makes a LOT of difference)


>>> You are going to need a bit more tenacity than that to make out in the domaining World. <<<

Looking at the veracity of the link you mentioned, you erred and I support TMfor on his comments as I don't want to add any more.


LOL - Can't any Domain News be posted anywhere without Negative remarks ?

I'm partial to Namepros (Obviously) Because it has a REAL Community feel to it ... I'm proud to be a part of it.

Congratulations Ron and now Tim as well !!!!


I'm surprised DomainState.com isn't mentioned. It has a lot of resources for new domainers, but is also home to a number of successful domain veterans.

***FS*** I like domainstate.com a lot.

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