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May 05, 2007



"Did you get the log in info for the auction we are doing on gambling names?"

Did anyone figure this out? I was able to log in but don't see many of the premiums in the silent auction. Was there a live auction ? I saw no times posted on the CAC or Moniker site of when the auction was to be held if it was live, but I was told it wasn't . . . . so confusing and disorganized. Sorry Monte :(


woops cancel that . . . finding the ones I'm after now. . . however rules, procedures, times, etc still a bit on the ambiguous side.


I am sure that name will sell for 23 million. Gamblers will be attending the event and we will see loads of money rolling.


I suggest Moniker to issue guest passes for the next similar events, so people will get more into the hype and spread the word. A guest pass will only allow to watch ... if anything comes up the guest can quickly register and enter the bidding.


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