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May 25, 2007



Don't a lot of spammers use domains in their 'return to' email header that aren't even theirs? I've seen domains I own used by spammers in their emails to me, to make it look like the email is coming from an account on one of my domains. Then you get all these 'message denied' emails back from some of the people it was sent to. Or is there a way to trace their emails back to an original correct domain? What if they are using free email accounts?

On another spam note, I saw a story on ABC Nightline last night about Spam (the meat company) going after SpamArrest (the email spam blocker company) for trademark infringement. The Spam meat people hate their name being used for junk email. I bet a lot of kids growing up now know spam only as junk email, and know nothing about the meat.

***FS*** Good point Rob.. I think DKIM is a two sided handshake that both sender and recipient need to opt into. There are other antispam services that offer similar intermediary filtering services but this domain one was interesting. Re: Hormel's product, I care for that form of spam less than the virtual version.


I would say this is over-complication.

The problem is that there is no authentication in SMTP. I can say I am [email protected], and the recipient server believes me.

If it was a two-way send-system instead of just saying 'here' we would eliminate 99.9999% of spam.

Christopher Ambler

I need to get a t-shirt that says, "I told you so, years ago."

This is one small part of our original proposal to ICANN for .MAIL in 2003.

We could have been spam-free by now had ICANN approved the proposal.

***FS*** I will buy you that tshirt to wear the day .web goes live sir ... it will get there :)

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