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May 01, 2007


Cameron Johnson

Frank, in the six-degrees-of-separation department, Gord Downie lives very close to my old home in Toronto, and when I'm back in the city, I see him all the time. In fact, about a month ago, I jammed on my brakes at a crosswalk last minute and guess who was snarling at me, inches away, pulling his daughter along? Gord himself! "Sorry Gord!" I mouthed. :P

I also see his wife a lot--she and I worked in the same restaurant probably 15 years ago.

Make no mistake: Gord is a rock and roll star. Seeing him in his domestic setting always give me a chuckle though :)


You lucky dog!



Well I guess that answers the question on whether or not you'll be sitting home to register some "premium" .TVs :)

Cameron Johnson

BTW Frank, tell Gord if you see him that his management co. should renew gorddownie.com--it's expired. :)

Eric D

Blow at high dough Frank!

They were the first concert I took my girlfriend, (now wife), to - they just came out with Up to Here and were pretty much unheard of - 1990 - years later and they are still wicked!

Have a great time!



***FS*** That was their final encore..


ha ha! this is so great. i didn't expect to see this on your blog, Frank. nice.

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