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May 21, 2007



Frank, do you have a link to the source of this information?


No surprise. Too bad Utah has put all the money in http://utah.travel/ . Nice site and great TV commercials. I have a good domain for them if they want in the .org space...I think .org's are good space to be in too, especially for cities and towns. The .org gives one the impression of an "unbiased opinion" in my biased opinion.

Rob Sequin

I talked and exchanged emails with the .travel people a couple times. The whole user interface and process just seemed weird but I stuck with it because I was chasing a couple good names.

In the end, it wasn't worth it and I didn't buy any names.

If they are selling .travel now, they never will. They would have to change the entire process, kind of what .tv did moving from TV Corporation to Demand Media and MAYBE they would have a chance.

Steve M.

Though I'd never own any (well; maybe the top 100 generics for reg fees :) , just wait...

...some other foolish company will come along (like with .TV) thinking that THEY have some great idea/s for turning this TLD turkey into an eagle...

Only two choices: Dotcom...or NotDotcom...


I will stick with the .com, till the day I die


They should have made a sunrise period auction style. That would provide them enough cash for infrastructure. And then offer cheap registration bellow $10/year and get partners like Godaddy and Enom and allow anyone to register it. They could have by now millions of cash, infrastrucutre and millions of registered domains. But hell what do I know about domains...

David Wrixon

If they cannot come up with a white knight then should be allowed to fold.

ICANN, Domainers and Business as a whole need to understand the metrics of this. If Dot Travel is not allowed to sink or swim, then the market will just be surfeited with a plethora of dud extensions.

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